(ZLxx Command) Change Lines Per Beat in Phrase Editor

I guess the title says it all.

Please consider adding the Global “ZLxx” Command to the Phrase Editor as well,

so that it’s possible to change the “Speed” of the Phrase in the Phrase itself.

Guys, that would be too awesome… :smiley:

Thanks for considering,


+1 would love to see this too!

Wasn’t a priority with redux last time around, I suggested this + also bpm control through pattern commands (which is harder to implement because with redux bpm is locked to the host tempo).

Hm, while LPB inside the phrase is surely cool, outside control of LPB would be even more flexible.

I mean, then you could program a single drum beat and then have it play in various tempi, changing it as it plays.

But having both I guess would be kind of confusing… :unsure:

Also: relevant topicfrom the 3.0 launch

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But having both I guess would be kind of confusing… :unsure:

Don’t underestimate us users! :drummer:

In current Renoise you can already control lpb besides pattern commands; in the master channel through the automation editor or linking up a lfo and routing it to ‘mixer & transport’ LPB parameter.

ZLxx in a Phrase would allow for more intricate break beat and programming work to be done within a Phrase without bringing that complexity of using a high Lines Per Beat on the whole project. Think about old school 96ppq sequencers, much of the 90s breaks/drill’n’bass sounded as it did because there was easy access to 96 lines per beat, but the sequence was sparse in that you didn’t have to look at all 96 lines when you only used a few of them, unlike Renoise, where 96 lines per beat would require big long Pattern lengths where the significant portion of the lines would be empty, except for the track with all the intricate work.


I’ve not been around in a while! I see now that LPB can be changed per-Phrase, this is all I would need. Thanks!