ZLxx works until last beat?

Hi guys and gals, I’m new to using the ZLxx ZKxx commands and I’m a bit confused. my LPB of a song I’m working on is 4 by default. About half way through the song I want to change it to a 12/8 feel, so I add ZL06 to my FX column on a track. For some reason the last beat is truncated back to 4 LPB instead of 6 like the rest of the beats. What am I doing wrong? I want all of the beats to have 6 LPB. See the highlighted section in the screenshot below.


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When you change the LPB you want to change the pattern length also. If your cycle is 16 beats long, then you want 64 (16 * 4) lines for a plain 4/4 groove and 96 (16 * 6) for a 6/8 groove.
In your current case, you have 10 + 2/3 beats in your pattern at LPB 6.


What command changes pattern length on the fly?

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Pattern length cannot be changed on the fly.

You can adjust the length of individual patterns based on your particular needs, up to a maximum of 512 rows/lines.

Use the value box in the upper left corner of the pattern editor. It’s set to 64 by default.

More info: https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Tracker_Interface#Lines

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Awesome!! I didn’t realize you could change the pattern length for a single pattern instead of the full project. that is totally what I needed. Many thanks!

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