Zoom Out only feature

How about a simple stepped Zoom Out only feature, that just hides every second row in the pattern editor (and so on)? Notes that fall on the subdivisions of the offbeat would be hidden if you zoom out, but this would also allow you to get a simplified view of your rhythmic structure.

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zoom in as well -
this would be awesome and it can introduce infinite(or close to it) resolution, so you can manipulate fine details with no worries regarding changing LPB or BPM :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is very successful. A simple zoom (+, -) would be more advantageous, but with the condition of not hiding information. But Renoise is very far from this. I would say that we will never see a zoom in the pattern editor.

As a small alternative, you can zoom in on the matrix (width and height). There, you can see a close idea of the structure of your song, and even a thumbnail of all the pattern-track slots.