Zoom R8 fader Midi mapping

Hello everyone,

my name is Nicola, I am new to renoise and also new to Midi mapping.
I am trying to use a zoom R8 controller as a midi input device. I read the article about midi mapping and tried to follow the instructions.
It was quite easy to map the buttons on the R8, but it seems impossible to map any faders. Whenever I try to assign a fader nothing happens: I click on the value to be mapped, move the corresponding fader on the R8, nada.
If I switch to the midi in/output view in renoise, I can see the pitch bending signals send by the faders on the R8, so the device must be connected correctly to renoise.

Can anyone please explain to me how to map the faders? Do I have to change the fader signals to something else?

Many thanks in advance!:slightly_smiling_face:



Hello EatMe,

thank you for your response. I will take a look, but I´m afraid I can´t change the output type on the R8.
I tried to install some plugin called midiconverter3 which I found here:

Unfortunately it doesn´t work, or at least I wasn´t able to get it to work. Do you know any other plugins for renoise that can convert midi?



Have you tried the Tools > Duplex > Mackie Control layouts? Maybe they work. Make sure you have installed the drivers for the R8.

I also have the R8, but I am on Linux. When I tried it the last time it didn’t work well.

I guess Linux and Mackie Control are not really a good team. Maybe something changed, but i made the experience that most devices which are not class compliant do not work really well on Linux if at all (except there is a Kernel module for it).