Zoom to Selection button?

Hi there,

I try the demo of Renoise and its just fantastic. In the near future I will buy it. I am an old user of soundtracker on the Amiga and miss a zoom to selection button in the sampleedit-window. I miss this button cause my workflow is to select an area, zoom into it and then cut die unneeded samples. Sure i can get this function by shortcut or contex menu, but a button feels more ergonomic for me.

CTRL+ALT+S is what you need to press.
You can write a tool that presses CTRL+ALT+S when you press a certain unused button on your keyboard.

You can even map joystick keys to it with a tool called Joy2Key.

I miss a zoom to selection button too. I use that function and cut very often. Cut has its own button but zoom to selection not.

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