Zoomable Lpb In Pattern Editor

Hello from France,

I use Renoise since a few years now and I will be very glad to see something like “a zoomable LPB in Pattern Editor”. I will try now to explain what I mean with my poor english.

In Pattern Editor we can chose how many lines we want in pattern and how many LPB (Lines Per Beat) we want too. But when I create music I can want two LPB at the same time, one for the notes, one for the events (like modulation or pitch bend or another controler). Certainly, I can choose the bigger LPB and work with but it’s quite boring. For example, a LPB=4 would be quite good for the notes but for modulation I prefer 16, 32 or 64 to have a smooth sound and not some stairs ! But I would prefer to see LPB 4 when I record LPB 64, because it’s very usefull to see all notes in the pattern on only one screen !

So it will be very cool if I could choose a LPB for recording and another for zooming or dezooming.

I can suggest to put a “View Line/Beat” next the “FX” selector at the bottom of the Pattern Editor Window.

Now, I’m not an informatician so I can’t know if it is easy to code !

Well it’s my first post here, I hope that it’s seem logical for you !



+1 for simple zooming

But since this is a request that deal with the editing workflow, wouldn’t it be better still if the zoom factor was coupled together with editstep?

Here’s why: imagine having editstep set to every 6th line, but with a zoom setting that would display every 4th line?

This would result in one of two things, both equally confusing IMHO: either the edit-cursor would disappear for every second thing you enter, as the line was hidden, or we would have to shuffle between displaying different “sets” of lines, resulting in notes that seem to come and go…

This wouldn’t be the case if the setting was coupled together with editstep, then the pattern would simply look as if you were editing it line-by-line.

Graphical automation should be able to do it.


I suppose that edit step is equal to “Step lenght used in pattern editor”, isn’t it ?

If so, yes your answer is very relevant.

So, do you know if it’s possible coding this sort of zoom ?


I tried with graphical automation and it’s true the zoom works fine. I haven’t try to live record directly modulation to graphical automation, do you think it can then record modulation with more accuracy than LPB 4 if pattern editor is in LPB 4 ? I will try and tell you but perhaps not tonight.

Thank you

Using line or curve automation should slide the controlled parameter between the values continuously. I am not sure about the exact resolution in this case but should be at least the tick value set in the song’s properties.


Yes I tried, the curve work well but, you can’t move quickly the modulation wheel between 1.1.0 and 1.1.25 with LPB 4

I can record the modulation wheel directly in the modulation window with the Meta Instr. Midi Control, but the resolution is always 4 LPB, even if I zoom in on the automation window.

So I think my idea of zoomable LPB in Pattern Editor still good idea.

Is there another possible solution ?

If you need to finely control a VST parameter it would be better to use Instrument automation device.