Zooming In Automation

Can somebody explain to me how this would make automation smoother since zooming in doesn’t make the grid/resolution higher?

I would expect the ability to put dots in between 0 and 1 for example.

Now it seems that only “vertically” (moving dots/curves up and down) editting is more precise.

I believe it was intended to make it easier to edit the automation curves for very long patterns. If you make a pattern which is 256 or 512 rows long for example, it becomes very difficult to edit the curves when you’re fully zoomed out. The zoom simply lets you get closer to the detail in these cases.

the automation was and is tick based: the zooming does not let you go over the timing resolution of trackers.

you won’t be able to insert a value between row 0 and row 1.

if you need more resolution, change the speed value to something lower: the lower the value, the bigger the resolution

That makes sence. Didn’t try automation on large patterns yet but that’s gonna change now :)

Too bad :) but you’re right changing the speed gave me enough precision You can somewhat get amplitude modulation with speed setting at 1 en bpm at 400 :D

Well maybe in the future then! For now I’m more than happy with all the other new features!

i was thinkng the only way it could get better is by having a wheelscroll feature on it, like zoom-in to cursor point.

i love the way you can copy an paste the automations!!!

Yeah, this continues ctrl-p paste option probably saves you an immense amount of work doesn’t it?

alot! of time! plus the ability to paste continuosly… is the icing, on the icing, on the cake!!@!@!!

it makes me teary eyed. :)

Brilliant technique!
it took me a bit to understand what you meant Bantai, an now i totally see what you mean!

make a melody or patern, an then go to the volume automation page, make an envelope an then jsut copy an paste an modify the envelopes according to where the notes are.

if the automation window followed the cursor when it is zoomed, it would make doing this easier.

It does, but you mean that it scrolls along with the actual cursor-position.

I currently use the mouse scroll wheel to perform the scrolling action along with the cursor.
Well mostly the scrollwheel on the keyboard, my logitech wireless also has a scroll wheel on the left side of the keyboard (near the left-side modifyer keys so this works pretty relaxed that way)