Zooming Lpb

I’ve searched and all i seem to find is talk about LPB (i want 12 btw) and i guess if i zoom to 3x with a spead of 4 i should be there (or something like that) but i don’t know how to zoom into the pattern lines.
Help Please.

You don’t zoom.
Lines per Beat is the amount of rows that are being played per beat.
The speed determines the subdivision of each line. If it is 3 you have 4 ticks per row which is ofcourse the initial tick on the very row and then the other 3.
You use effect commands to apply effects on the sound at a different moment than your current line, or you just cut (notecut) your playing instrument earlier before the next row starts or make your sound start later than the actual row starts (note delay). Seeing “ticks” in the documentation is just a visualization of the main idea behind it.

If you want to “zoom”, set the speed to 1 and increase the patternsize by the amount of steps you decreased the speed and lower the bpm to the new speedfactor that you decreased.

So speed 3, 128 bpm and 64 rows to speed 1 means aprox. 42bpm and 196 rows per pattern.
You then don’t need to use tick-related commands to achieve full resolution triggers.

Yeah, do this and also change the spacing of the highlighted lines on the pattern…

Like this…

  1. Open Preferences (CTRL + ,)

  2. Click the GUI tab.

  3. Change the ‘Highlight every xx lines’…

You should change it to…

Speed 6 = 4 (this is default)
Speed 3 = 8
Speed 2 = 12
Speed 1 = 24

Sorted. I keep mine on Speed 3 with spacing of the highlights at 8. Works nice.

This is effectively the same as zooming.


@Vv… Erm, ‘lower the bpm’??? Surely you should keep the BPM the same and just increase the pattern length and BPM… Correct me if I am wrong, but that is certainly what I do.

Yeah ofcourse sorry, my last remark would not have made this particular bpm change integrity increasing ;)

:) all good!

so, Silas Rye…

Do you get it now?

If not, I can put up some screen shots of the two ways of doing things to make it clearer if you like…

Thanks guys,
Well I have been using speed 2, I figured out that that gets me to 12LPB, but sometimes it puts me at 16LPB. I set my highlighted lines to 12, and that does good.

The only problem I have left is that when I use PGDWN or PGUP it goes 16.

I am understanding that maybe speed 2 doesn’t always = 12LPB?
My highlighted lines are fine, just want to fix PGDWN.

What do you mean “sometimes this puts me at 16 LPB”? As far as I know the values never change?? Seems strange.

Can you explain why you think this, using an example…