ZT00 FX Command problem

I like to stop a xrns project in the last line of its last pattern using the command ZT00 in the fx column. When doing so, in some xrns projects the song stops at the exact last line where I put the fx command as intended, while in another xrns project the song stops one line earlier than where the ZT00 fx command is. Why is this? How can I force the song to stop at the last line instead a line too early?

Do you mean the edit position or the playback position? Does Renoise stop the edit position earlier based on how fast the song is playing? (i.e very high LPB/BPM(?)) Post a simple xrns showing this(?)

The edit position and playback position are the same (it follows the pattern while playback). All xrns projects are 175 bpm, 8 lpb, all patterns 80 lines (hexidecimal) long. I don’t understand that with one xrns project (175 bpm, 8 lpb) it stops a line earlier (7e) than the fx command (7f) (how can it react with a fx command it does not even reach?) and with another xrns project (175 bpm, 8 lpb) it does stop at the exact line (7f) as intended.

Ok, I didn’t code Renoise so I can only dish out some (probably wild) speculation…
The thing that pops into my mind is audio tracker line playback and gui updates (and ultimately threading/syncing between the two.) Sometimes (gui update wise) it catches it, sometimes it is off (depending on same/different BPM/LPB, where the ZT00 command is placed in the pattern and how many lines there are in the pattern.)
In this instance I don’t see the syncing as a show stopper issue though(?)

Does this occurr with PDC disabled? If not, perhaps something in PDC info could shed some light.

PDC was and is enabled on all xrns projects.

After rebooting my Macbook Pro because of a internet security update, the problem has not accured any more. I was able to save all my xrns projects with the ZT00 command stopping them at the last line of the last pattern. I hope I won’t have the issue again. If I would, I sure would try rebooting.