Zynaddsubfx Howto Use In Renoise?

I want to use Zynaddsubfx as a plugin in Renoise under Ubuntu 10.04. Now I have installed Zynaddsubfx from the software center in Ubuntu 10.04. Then I only have the standalone version. I cannot find the .so plugin file. On the website http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/ I can download the VST version but that’s the dll version (Windows) instead of the .so
Do I have to compile the source?

It should be possible to run Zynaddsubfx as a VST/LADSPA/DSSI plugin inside Renoise??

Hope someone can help me out.


Here you have a native vst version

ZynAddSubFX - native vst

It is from the Juctice website


I dont have a clue which was the last version convert in this plug. I hope the dev will still update this and upgrade some other plugs like helix. ;)

Thanks, will check it out!

I also found a DSSI plugin: (sadly no gui at the moment)

the vst linux version from http://www.anticore.org/jucetice/get.php?file=zynaddsubfx.tar.bz2 crash on my ubuntu 10.04 system. will post the crashlog later today.

the version is from 2007, is there a newer linux vst version available for download?

Anyone knows other free linux vst plugins that are as good as Zynaddsubfx?

The Discovery from DiscoDSP is nice but not free.

Also you can get some of Loomer plugins and here you must also buy it.

I hope something like SynthEdit will come for linux to increase it all. <_<

Thanks for the info. Aspect and Discovery are indeed good plugins.

Yup … it gives me a smile think about that i am most use Aspect and Discovery at the moment and i render all down because the demo limitations. hehe …
On the other side it is good for me, because i will never finish the sound design if i ever have the possibiliy to turn the knobs … :lol:

Another freebie is Mr.Alias2

Do you use zynaddsubfx? When I use the standalone version installed from the software center in Ubuntu the sounds/presets are very good. How can I use Zynaddsubfx inside renoise?

thanks for the mr alias2, will check it out.

zynaddsubfx VST is very unstable also for me, you could use the zynaddsubfx dssi version instead, but it permits “only” to select the presets which is fine for me atm :)
you can find zynaddsubfx-dssi in the falktx repository (which has all the stuff that you need under linux and it’s compatible with ubuntu 10.04)

thanks for the info kpanic. the zynsubaddfx dssi plugin works fine. hope a gui will released soon. For now, I make my presets in the standalone version and load the presets in the DSSI version in Renoise.

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The native vst version from jucetice makes here no trouble and work fine.
I must say that i am not using ubuntu.

mr alias 2 looks fine too, although the gui could be nicer.

That’s good information because now I know that I can use this zynaddsubfx dssi plugin. I was thinking this last night. :+1:


Zyn Fusion–the new interface for ZynAddSubFX–is available as VST/LV2/Standalone on Linux, VST/Standalone on Windows, and VST on Mac (what versions of Mac OS are supported I don’t know).

I’m on Arch Linux and it’s available in the AUR as a package called zyn-fusion so it’s likely to be something similar on other distributions or perhaps build it from source. Works great in Renoise although I can’t resize the GUI there–even though the GUI is resizable in standalone–which I believe is actually on the Zyn Fusion team to do something about not Renoise team so I might reach out to them on adding u-he-esque zoom options to the interface.

Yup, and if you want to compile from source, it’s possible via:

Works like a charm