1.5 Final Preview Demo Builds (inofficial)

Hi all,

The 1.5 bug reports forum is quite calm these days, so I think its time to throw out the final 1.5 release. But as said several times before: This does not mean that we will stop fixing problems (if there are some left). If neccessary, there will be smaller updates available, which might also adress performance improvements (especially for the mac version). We already have now the best tested software in the universe, thanks to your help!

I`ve uploaded previews of the 1.5 final builds to:
www.renoise.com/download/Renoise_15Final_Preview_Demo.exe (WINDOWS)
www.renoise.com/download/Renoise_15Final_Preview_Demo.tar.gz (MAC)

These are (as the topic says) inofficial !Demo! builds only. Just to be sure that nothing went wrong, and that all the as fixed marked bugs in the forum are really fixed.
Would be cool if you all could help testing these builds. As soon as we know that this is something that can be released, the official builds (with registered versions and stuff) will be available as usual on the backstage.

If you find any problems in these builds, report them here into this topic please.

Thanks for any help!

some times far away from forum, then I come today and suddenly I’m the first to discover this awesome news from Taktik… we’re coming closer to the R-Day! :D


Excellent news :dribble: Cant wait till todays work is done :D

Is this demo version compatible with the registration patch?

good news eduard! I’ll test the build as soon as possible. ;)

I really don’t think so:
if you need a registered version, do not overwrite it with this.

Wow, Great News!! :) :) :)

innofficial demo build published official in the forum … curious … sorry but i’d like to wait for the non-demo … but thanx that 1.5 is finally done! :)

You could just test if at least all your reported bugs are gone and then ditch the broad again after posting a message declaring all thumbs up.
(That is the purpose)

it’s not 100% possible with a demo-version … ;)

but i don’t want to start a negative discussion about the sense of this inofficial official release … it’s ok - but nothing for me …

That is probably a sign that you dont want to discuss this any further, but
Im just modestly wondering if, maybe you misinterpreted the threads title “1.5 Final Preview Demo Builds (inofficial)” as more like “1.5 inofficial Final”?

But, then again I may have read it wrong, as I though the “(inofficial)” moniker was to overclarify the prior part of the sentence, so as to really not confuse people about this.
I do think however that his later request for help with testing this version leaves little room for doubt in the matter.

Back on topic :D
I have loaded all my modules + poked around for a good measure, as of yet Ive found nothing at all. All presets of plugins loaded fine and so on. Not sure what bugs we where looking for again, but it seems rockstable on my PC anyhow. B)

Possibly I noticed a slight increase in performance:
When idle it draws 0.3% CPU compared to 0.7% before with RC2.

When running the song “Tutorial3 - Glide And Pitch” with DXsound-driver
it draws 1.2% now and 1.7% before with RC2.

In the latter case the figure decreases to 1.3% with ASIO so that should maybe
be the case with 1.5 version also.

so maaybe that means that this version maybe can make possible for me to have 3 simultaneous Absynth VSTis finally :D

Thanks for the updates, dev team!

I loaded it on my iBook G4 1gHz and played ThePath2005 as a test for speed, and it jitters less than in RC2. The real cpu usage is sometimes up to 3 times what is stated in renoise itself, when playing ThePath2005 it fluctuated between 20% and 70% on average, sometimes maxing out. It’s performance is slightly better than that of RC2.

The apply dsp fx function in the sample editor has the same bug stated here, although since I only posted it yesterday I never expected it would be fixed in this release.

Apart from that, all clear from this machine.

My report:

  1. Bug with vb-ffx4 - not fixed.
  2. Bug with find the “chain” of sended channels - not fixed.
  3. Bug with find and off not worked in present time VST dsp - not fixed.
  4. Bug with Chainer VST plugin - not fixed.
  5. Bug with swap & slow speed of gui when many VST is loaded - not fixed.
  6. Very little cpu usage indulgence 2-3% - anyway good, but not so much.
  1. As i reported before, Chainer VST plugin works on XP and don’t work on 2000. It’s probably internal plugin GUI bug.

  2. You can always switch GUI FX - off, if it’s slowing down your performance.

  3. Progress in sight :yeah:

2 ceejay:

“4. As i reported before, Chainer VST plugin works on XP and don’t work on 2000. It’s probably internal plugin GUI bug.”

Which version of Windows XP u use? In my XP Professional SP1 it doesn’t work. And this is one VST host from 5-6 which I use and which don’t have normal support of this plugin. All others can normal load and use it.

“5. You can always switch GUI FX - off, if it’s slowing down your performance.”

Yes I can. But nothing is not changed. Performance is always slow.

“6. Progress in sight :yeah:

I mistake. :( I test this in 44khz mode vs 48khz. And difference is opposite. RC2 is faster 8-12%, and one another my tune load RC2 to 54% of CPU vs 95% in final preview. :( I test this 3 times and even reload my computer, becouse first time i don’t believe in such cpu load. But this is true.

After few tests i must admit: there is true difference in CPU performance.
1.5 Preview demo is more CPU hungry somehow :(

Same tune uses 64-68% CPU in RC1 comparing 78-84% CPU + overloads’n’lags in PreviewDemo. No difference ASIO or DirectSound selected. 44Khz tested.

BTW Chainer can normal work in Renoise 1.2, but regrettably it’s much outdated version for me. And it do not have some functions which I need. But who knows, maybe fact of normal working of this plugin in old versions, can do some help for bug fixing.

to test the build for the performance issue, it’s nice to have asio output, which isn’t in a demo preview version.

don’t take that song as a referring point:
After RC2, the song has been slightly changed to reduce its CPU occupancy.

If you really want to compare the performance with that song, please use the same copy of the song (RC2 or Final demo).

If you mean that the 1.25 songs are not loaded correctly in 1.5: You have to point vb-ffx4 to the config file that it should use. Cannot remember exactly how ths file was called, but there is an option for this in the plugs editor.

That would be a damn intelligent bug :) This was requested by many people. Its a feature.

Sorry, dont get it.

Chainer and Renoise use conflicting Directdraw settings. This is known will and never work.

Well, … one cannot have everything. Thats nothing we can take care of now.