1 Turntable, 1 Renoise Machine Live Show,..... How Would You Do It?

so i’ve hooked up with a local scratch DJ, and we’ll be going into the lab next week to work on a concept album.

the recording isnt a problem, but what i’m thinking about is putting on promotional shows once we’re done.

so if you were going to do a show with a DJ, where you were in charge of everything except the sampled stuff, how would you go about it using renoise?

i know its not as complex as Vaccine’s renoise only set, but i’ve never played with renoise live so i have no idea what can be done… there must be something more improvisational than just clicking through prearranged patterns.


Interesting combo… I would make the beats with renoise.

Using my step sequencer… ideally one with 16 steps rather than 8…

Or I’d use my launch pad to cue whole patterns to create my beats that way… It’s not hard and you have access to lots of possibility since you’re playing live like a drummer… It’s also more fun than standing behind the computer clicking.

yeah i’ve been reading through your thread JBL, its definately something i’m thinking of doing.

but for right now i was thinking of doing it just with renoise.

one thing i thought of was to load up sliced instruments and just play the keyboard as opposed to putting things into a pattern,… pain in the ass perhaps but it would be more live.

That sounds risky…

But you could map your keyboard keys to cue patterns in a way similar to this:

oh that looks sweet, i was playing with one of those in a local shop as well. hmm might have to think about that,… wasnt cheap though.

but yeah i’m a drummer, or used to be atleast, so playing xrni’s of sliced breaks is actually pretty easy,… this way i guess i could take teh instrumental parts of the tracks, slice it up, breaks, bass and everything but the scratching samples, and play those across the keyboard,… essentially using renoise as a sampler a la mpc.

then next track hit the number pad as the dj does some time filler stuff, and i select the next track’s xrni.

one other thing,…

a company just closed near me and i got a bunch of usb numberpads like 7,… any ideas if i could hook them all up to renoise and do something with them? bear in mind i dont know the first thing about programming.

how hard would it be to make a tenori-on out of numberpads :lol: