Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer

[center]Renoise Based Audio-Video Step Sequencer

Now Controlled by the new Freshly Exclusive Renoise Dedicated Unique Controller! (FERDUC)


Key features:

  • Since the sounds come from Renoise, you get the same extremely insane flexiblity that you are used to, but inside a step sequencer! Imagine the possibilities!
  • 8 Tracks of 8 Steps each in which you can easily edit the content of every single steps and even change them in real time directly on the controller! (by increasing/decreasing current pattern)
  • 4 Presets which can be edited before being fully loaded! (all that on the controller)
  • Retriggering steps directly on the controller for some insane beat shuffling/smashing/breakcore frenzy hardcore pun pun! (No cheesy retrigger trance effect allowed)
  • Video syncing with the notes from C-3 to B-4! (each triggering different parts of the video!) This feature can be used without the controller in any .xrns You can sync it to tracks you already have or simply add a new instrument without sound only to trigger your video!
  • A possibility of recording the final result (video + audio)
  • A plan of adding several video effects in the future!
  • All that and much more in 4 magically bright colors on the controller for direct real time feedback!


Update! (december 18th)

I chose to make two different tools, one that will sync renoise with video and one for the Launch pad controlled Renoise step sequencer.

The 8x8 Sliders patcher is now available. I’m planning to merge these two tools in the same patcher once I update the sequencer. Update (02/09/10): this will mostly come with the monome version.

I still have to polish the video tool…

Here is a video preview of the Step Sequencer:


Watch it in HD on youtube:[/center]

The main advantage of it is that each of your steps are directly inside Renoise so it couldn’t be easier to edit each of them according to your needs. You can change the duration of the steps, which and how many notes are playing in every steps, you can control effects on specific steps or more global effects, it basically is renoise turned into an 8 steps system. You can always add more! I know the song I play in my video is very basic, but it’s up to you to create insane .xrns to use with this sequencer.

[center]Notable Quotes:

“(17:43:38 PM) MickRip: jbl: there’s something strangely sexy about what you’re doing”
“This round goes to Renoise and the ingenious work of patch creator Johann Baron Lanteigne.” - Peter Kirn
“JBL just handed us everything on a silver plate!” - danoise
“(10:51:19 PM) p7: 4:52 am , installing max.
(10:51:23 PM) p7: im so hardcore”
“thanks for doing this! it is perhaps the biggest ‘feature’ that led me to buy a renoise license.” - litch


Renoise Based Step-Sequencer v0.1

8x8 Sliders for LaunchPad

If you don’t have max, you’ll need max runtime which is free:

There’s a download link for mac and for windows. Make sure you download Max Runtime unless you don’t mind downloading the 100mb demo of Max Msp Jitter.

If you’re on windows you’re gonna need Midi Yoke so Max can send midi messages to Renoise and you can select a device in Renoise preferences.

Midi Yoke Direct Download Link[/center]

Thanks to

danoise for his tone matrix
little-scale for a part of the max msp codes, he got a really nice sequencer for the LP.
Renoise for the improved midi mapping and the the pattern matrix

My todo list (my request is that you is to make it bigger)

Support for touch osc app for the ipod touch and iphone (02/09/10) It’s pointless, the ipod is too damn small.
Support for monome? I’d need one. update (02/09/10), I’m gonna build a 256 monome, expect a monome version of this toy.
Making the patcher more user friendly (I need suggestions)
… more

[b]There are some instructions in the patcher, some more detailed instructions are coming.

I need your suggestions, if you try my patcher, please drop some feedback/comments/suggestions here.


sounds nice,but do you need max/msp for this?

I’ll make a package including the xrns I use, max runtime (which is small and free and will be able to run my patcher) and of course, the patcher itself.

The worse restriction is that it uses the launch pad and the launch pad only… I might release the video engine has a separate tool, I think that would be more effective.

well right now i only have the novation nocturn :D

Is the Renoise sticker included as well? ;)

Great work JBL!

PS: Fixed your IMG link

i cant wait

As all the arrows on the right hand side all point to the right it makes me think the flow is going to be left to right. Surely for Renoise flow should be top to bottom and the whole thing should kinda be rotated 90degs ;)

Do not worry, this controller is made for ableton live, I only photoshopped it… (Note: I’ll also add my own text on it based on what everything does in my sequencer.)

These buttons with the arrows are in fact indicators of which step is being played and you can press them to restart the loop at this point… you can retrigger a step and shuffle between them.

I’ll be uploading a video showing all that. But I’m having a few problems with the video, first I had two video sources (the controller and renoise) but I can’t really sync them. I’ll see what I can do.


Now with a video!

this is awesome.

Perhaps we should do a package deal here… Renoise + monome 250 euro’s :P

Ohh that would be great!

make it a 16x16 monome and I’ll buy 10 for that price!

Maybe I should start the “jbl foundation” Give me a 16x16 monome and I’ll build some crazy stuff to use it with renoise :)

i wont buy a launchpad untill renoise supports midi-feedback,i dont just want a bunch of midi-buttons :D

it’s easy to have feedback if you use it with max msp like I did for this sequencer. Depending what you want to do with the Launch pad you could make yourself a tool to light it up with max msp.

well i dont have the money or the time to start leaning max/msp,so thats a no-go for me :(

my launchpad’s in the mail! looking forward to this immensely. BIG up jbl!

Nice one JBL, one day I’ll get me one of those nice pad controllers, one day gadget…


Awesome vid.

(hey, hey, release it! my launchpad wanna try it :D)


First version available for download!

It’s not the most user friendly interface so if you have questions or suggestions, shoot!

wow JBL, that’s awesome :yeah:

gotta get me a launchpad, this looks like good fun and a perfect live tool…!