[3.0] Manual Pulse Wave Modulation

Just found a way to make a Manual Pwm. I made this for making chiptune sounds but you can use this technique to do all sort of sample switching you might like.


Hm, it seems to have only hard steps of different PWM settings. Imo in this way it’s useless or too complicated. Nevertheless thank you for your effort!

I think you can just take a saw on one oscillator and a reverse saw on the second. Now you can simply control the PWM modulation by slightly pitching oscillator 2:

Renoise 3 simple PWM using reverse saw

For sure i would like to have a smoothier way, but this method give you the possibility to chose between 80% 70% 60% and 50% pulse width wich was intended for chiptune needs like i said earlier. So for me it is very usefull, plus, the technique of the reverse saw imply that lower notes will have a slower rate than the higher note and does not give you an accurate square wave form for chiptuning.

But if you want you could add multiple waveform to perfom a smoothier result (Even tho it will never be as smooth as a synth). My goal in sharing this instrument was more for showing a sample switching method that you could use for any sound you might like !

That’s true. You could implement a pwm start offset also like this:

It’s just the start offset, no manual modulation.

Renoise 3 simple PWM using reverse saw with start offset

But you will hear now some pitching on higher values.

What’s really missing in the sampler modulation is a play/loop position offset.

If you also believe that the sampler modulation should be able to target the sample position/loop position,

then please vote for this feature request! <<<