For V3.1: Ability that sample voices(oscs) can influence each other


could you also add the ability that the result of one oscillator/sample can be multiplicated, retriggered (using sample loops) or subtracted from another osc/sample?

This would lead into various and much more interesting possibilities like:

  • “FM synthesis” / kind of waveshaping
  • Ring modulation (Current ring modulation filter does missing a lot of features)
  • sync modulation!!

Coud be implemented like this:

  1. Additional modulation target: “sample offset / position”
    See an example song, what’s the problem with the current/missing sampler modulation features of Renoise 3 >> here (trying to build pwm modulation) <<

Having a realtime sample position controlled by a constant, AHDSR or LFO, it would be possible for example to control the pwm modulation in realtime, manually.

  1. Some kind of result modulation math in the sample properties?

  2. Modulation type “retrigger loop/restart loop of other sample” (not the one of current effect chain)
    Required for sync modulation would be the possibility to restart the loop of one sample using the signal value of another.

  3. Experimental: Additional target “(sample) Position” with modulation types “DC offset” (where x>1 becomes x=1) and “DC shift” (where x>1 becomes x=x-2). Imagine a saw wave that is DC shifted: Would this be a sync modulation? Also should be interpolated after dc shifting…

What do you think?

I like the idea but it seems a slippery slope to request synthesis functions of a sequencer when that stuff can all be done with … say reaktor. I like the idea you tossed out there but I think there are several (internal midi routing) more DAW specific features still missing in renoise I personally would rather the devs spend their time on first.

mSepsis I fully agree with you, only these simple math functions maybe are not such complicated to implement at all, only from concept and gui maybe…

So it could be an idea for v3.1?

Updated description…

This sounds great!

This sort of low level power would turn the sampler into a monster for hard edged chiptune synthesis and I for one fully support the idea. Loop point modulation is another feature that would tie in nicely.

Vote, vote!

Def a +1

While I’d prefer (waveform-) modulation sets with a seperate GUI for this and then just selecting the (waveform-) modulation set in the sample settings.