[3.0] Renoise 2.x vs 3.0 less obvious changes

Where did the groove tabs go?
-To the master DSP rack

Where can i find the song settings?

Song settings have been split into two locations:
-Options -> Playback & Compatibility options
-View -> Pattern Highlight settings

Since B6 these are all have been put nicely back into their own dedicated “Song” dropdown menu.

Where can i find the sample fine-tuning, beatsync, etc. options?
-On the lower left you see “Sample properties”, Click on the right-most arrow next to it to unfold that section.

The “Other” option in the diskop is for DSP chains and Themes?

-And for instrument fx chains, instr. macro device presets, modulation sets, Phrases and every other savable preset feature.

Where are my folders in the diskbrowser?
-Hover with your mousepointer on the splitframe above the file list search box and right below the path description, when your mousepointer changes shape, click and drag downwards:
The folder panel will slowly expand.

Where did the automation went?
-Lower left corner of the main pattern editor, click the second icon button for automation view, the first icon button for DSP view.

My VST Instrument plugin window disappears when i select another instrument while i want to keep them open.
-To the ultimate left side of the plugin tab its area, you see a “pin” icon button. By default its toggled. Untoggle to keep your plugin window open when you change from instrument.
The made change will be globally saved.

Where did the audio routing of the plugins went?
-Underneath the “Render to samples button” you have Outputs and Routing. To the rightmost of it, there is the collapse/fold button to reveal or hide that section.

Where is did the chord mode button went? How can i record my plugins in a single note-column without Renoise to spread its notes?
-In the plugin tab on the top-right, there are two buttons, the second right button is the “mono” button. Toggle this one and your plugin records to a single column inside a track.
-If you need specific sample groups allowing to cut eachother, inspect the mute group option in the sample properties panel on the right of a selected (set of) sample(s)

Some buttons in the sample editor disappeared, where did they go?
They simply have been removed. These regard (including links for those that are discussed by people wanting them back):
Fine Loop editor
Cut icon (still available in context menu)
Mix paste (still available in context menu)
Trim(still available in context menu)

If you have any more questions, post and we’ll answer.

Is there a way to always have this “pin” icon disabled by default?

Any changes to the ReWire stuff I should know of?

EDIT: Holy f-ck, using Phrases with a slaved Reason 7 is really awesome! :eek:/>

Not outside saving your song as template song.
Edit:since Beta 4 this option is now global and saved as such

What do you mean?? How do you use Reason 7?

…don’t suppose there’s any way to make the spectrum analyzer the default audio display in the main edit view?

Nopes, you can store it under a preset, at least gives it to you with the press of a button.

Where is the Save Default Song setting? I have just installed Renoise on my Linux machine at work and have tweaked things how I want them, but now want to make sure these settings are there when I load it every time.

Previously I could go into Song Settings, and select Save Default, but this appears to have disappeared…

Let me know!

Under “File” there is an option called “Save As Template Song”, i guess that’s what you’re looking for.

Did 2.8 render selections offline (cpu) or realtime? I’m sure 2.8 didn’t render offline because now renoise 3.0b4 renders selections offline (fast) :) unless i’m missing something