[3.0] [XRNI] RetroNoise

The past few days i haven’t been able to stop playing with the instrument features, and not to brag about my designing skillz, but i must say i’m very impressed with the results i have achieved so far,
thanks to these amazing new features and a little bit of research on instrument design.

So i thought i should share them with you all, maybe give you some inspiration. And of course, they are completely free to use and modify in any way you like!

Here is a demo track containing all the instruments:

All instruments xrni files + the demo track xrns in one zip archive: Retronoise 3.0 Instrument Package


Chip Kick

Chip Snare

Chip Stick

Saw/Sine Distorted

Scorched Saw

Scorched Saw 2

Scorched Saw phrase 1

Scorched Saw phrase 2

Scorched Saw phrase 3

Scorched Saw phrase 4

Sine Bell

Sine Creeper


Sine Pad

Sine Pad hit

Square Chamber

Square Chamber 2

All instruments are recorded dry, i've used a few pattern commands for demonstration though.  
The 3 drum samples are made with old Renoise drum samples and DSPs, while the rest are hand drawn in Renoise with no DSP chains only modulation  


I see you haven’t mapped any parameters to the macro controls in these instruments. For example have a lfo control the volume amplitude to create (beat-synced) amplitude modulation. Control the amount of amplitude through a macro dial.

I haven’t used DSPs at all in these except for the drums, they are meant to be usable like old instruments with no limitations on the number of tracks you can play them at the same time. The pattern effects also work as expected and are not processed through DSPs.
In some cases i like it better this way and rather use DSPs in the tracks. ;)

I’m not talking about dsp’s, but about mapping a macro dial to the modulation devices parameters from the modulation tab.

For example I played around with one of your sounds;


Play around using your keyboard while adjusting the macro dials to hear the changes.

Ah, i have completely overlooked the macro functions, but that is probably something you would like to personalize while tracking anyway, so i don’t see a reason for why they should be preset in the xrni. :)

I probably uploaded the wrong xrns, it was the demo song i was supposed to pack. If anyone wants it i’ll dig it up.

Maybe because you want to have more interesting instruments, than just basic stock sounds you can get everywhere on the net :wink:

Yes well, you know these instruments are not the same as samples you find on the net. These instruments are synthesized and will not work the same as samples when it comes to pitch change, pattern commands and so on.
If you use macros to modulate these further then go ahead, that’s why i made these in the first place, ready made platforms you can easily manipulate. ;)
I’m no professional sound designer so if you are looking for professional hi-tech sounds, please look somewhere else.

This is awesome thank you !!!

If you are interested in chip destruction i just made a Doofer for this if you want to look at it :

this looks awesome, thanks for sharing Bellows.

Excellent work Ragnar, you seem to be happy with this release, it brings new horizons to your chipstyle.

Thanks guys, i tried to do a little research around the net on how to make certain chip/retro synth sounds and too me these tricks are new. The instruments aren’t the most advanced or technically good ones out there, but they certainly gave me inspiration and i like them myself and had a lot of fun making them. :)

I think the loopproject resources are kinda sparse with little activity and of various quality, so i thought i might as well share these there and maybe others will follow.
How cool wouldn’t it be with a huge collection of user made Renoise instruments? Who needs VSTi’s then?

I know i could put some more effort in drawing different waves to make a perfect pitch and make layers, randomize in the keyzone and so on, but i found it a bit hard to do it as exact as i’d like (that’s why i was asking for a waveform drawing app in another thread). So i just did it quite simple for now and maybe i’ll release some improved ones later on.
I kinda like a bit dirty sounds anyway, with some odd effects here and there. It’s a bit like working on the C64, i always get some weird and unexpected results. ^_^

TanookiMonk: Sounds nice, if you want to share your doofer i’ll grab it. :)