[3.0] [XRNI] RingModSynth

This is what you’ve all been waiting for, finally a native real synthesizer for Renoise 3.0!

I made this using the RingMod trick and the keys trigger the right frequency. It’s got 8 macro bindings with different features:

  • Waveform selection (sine, triangle, exponent, sawtooth and square)
  • Simple envelope controllers, attack and sustain/release
  • Glissando controller
  • Crazy pitch device (i wasn’t able to make a decent pitch controller for vibratos and such, but this overrides the pitch completely and you can manipulate it freely with key commands and automation)
  • A nice filter and a phase controller

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download Here!

Sounds Cool, I made a doofer using a similar method, dblue came up with this idea a while ago here.

I very well know about dblue’s teqhniques, my invisible tunes i made a while ago was based on those. This is the first time we get this tone generetor into an instrument though, and with macro controllers and all.
3.0 is the shit! :yeah:


Good job. Although i do wonder how hard it will be to create some type of meta oscillator device.
Even with basic waveforms to begin with then maybe custom waveforms :)

currently, the devices have not enough time resolution (id est: they cannot change their values fast enough) to be High Frequency Oscillators good enough to be used as sound generators

Nice stuff TheBellows.

Thanks! I’m also working on a polyphonic synth and i made an individual fx chain for each tone from c-0 to b-5 so far, but unfortunately i got too much aliasing problems or what to call it. Except from the awful pops every time it’s triggered it sounds very good, i hope i’ll find a solution.

There is also one thing that i can’t wrap my head around, why aren’t the keys split evenly with the key tracker? What i mean is if i set the key tracker to A-1 to A-3, dest. min 55Hz and max 220Hz then why does the A-2 key trigger 110.27HZ? Is this a bug, should i report it?
A-1 and A-3 is fine, but every other key is wrong, seems like it’s adding a couple of hertz to each halfnote or something.

Made something with this today


this thing is awesome!

woo… very interesting and cool. thnx mr TheBellows.

man, if i knew 1/4 as much about how to use renoise’s potential as some people here i’d be well happy… i guess each new thing you learn slowly adds up… :wink:

Made something with this today


woah… crunchy! :wink:

I made this instrument before i really knew the whole potential of the new Sampler, so i’d say the structure of this instrument is a bit clumsy. It doesn’t matter as long as it works for what you’re doing, but i have some other instruments i think is much better.

So if you liked this one you should definately take a look at my “Big Bloomer” synth instrument:https://forum.renoise.com/t/3-0-xrns-i-big-bloomer-12-voice-monophonic-synth-instrument/40839

This is my absolute favourite so far, it produces “supersaw” like sounds, pads and is even capable of synthesizing cymbals of all things.

I also made a semi-polyphonic synth (the polyphony is somewhat limited):https://forum.renoise.com/t/3-0-xrns-i-poly/41218

There are also a lot of other great instruments made by others for download in the tips & tricks section, one of my favourites is Bit_Arts’s EDM pluck:https://forum.renoise.com/t/3-0-xrns-edm-pluck-1/40679