[3.0] [XRNS/I] Poly

The keytracker bug has been fixed so i finally got around to finish the native polyphonic synth i’ve promised:

Instrument: https://archive.org/download/polysynth/Poly.xrni
Short demo: https://archive.org/download/polysynth/polysynth.xrns
Mp3 preview:

Edit: in the demo i have added a “DJ Filter” doofer in one of the 3 tracks, rest are clean sounds from the instrument only.

Very Nice.
Shame that we can’t really have true polyphonic effects chains, if the chain is occupied and the cycle comes full circle it will be interrupted.
I wish I’d have the time to write that midi splitter program, then we’d have almost all our polyphonic effects chain needs…

This actually gives the issue that, since the sample that is used in cycle is not recorded anywhere but is just cycled on playback means on playing and even recording no notes will be cut, but on rendering they might, since the cycle will restart at 0.

The sample cycle mode is somewhat limited, but with all the methods i’ve tried (i even made one version with 120 individual samples, mod sets and fx chains), so far this is the best solution i could come up with. At least it sounds quite nice and the cpu hunger is not that extreme.

The cycle mode performs a bit weird though, it seems to always chose the next sample even though it’s already active and several other samples are inactive.
It would be much better if it cycled to the next inactive sample instead of simply choosing the next in line. I think i should request this as a feature, it would make sense in other setups too, actually any instrument where you would want to be able to play several samples at the same time while in cycle (or random) mode. It would at least prevent any interruption until all 12 voices are playing at the same time.

I’m not shure what you are talking about here, do you say this instrument performs differently when rendered than on playback? I haven’t noticed that and i can’t understand why it should?
Some voices are phased differently to make the stereo effect and that could turn out a bit different on render though, but turning the spatial macro knob all the way down to set every voice to 0 angle. Not shure why i made it that way actually, i like some quirks here and there. :lol:
The glide hack is also not very consistent though, but i think it makes such cool effects that i had to keep it. It can also be turned all the way down so it shouldn’t bother you if you don’t want the effect. It could possibly turn out differently in render, it glides from the last note the voice played, not from the last note or chord played in the track.

Cycle is cycling whenever you press a note for each key individually, be it recorded or just a press.
But when you render, only the recorded notes initiate a cycle.

Let’s say you’ve played CC D EEE
Now after these are played C will be on sample 3, D will be on sample 2 and E will be on sample 4.
You decide to record CDE at the same time.
And nothing is wrong: C will be on 4, D will be on 3 and E will be on 5.

But then you render load the song from scratch your track and the cycle positions are reset.
CDE will all be on sample 1 and only 1 effects track will be used.

This should demonstrate the issue:

Everything is on sample 1 so only 1 note is played, play any of the notes recorded and their cycle position will no longer be the same and that note will be triggerable.

EDIT: I take my comment back about the cycle resetting on rendering, I guess that got changed since the first beta, but it still does reset on song load. :confused:

Ah, i didn’t think of that, i didn’t really know how it worked, i kinda just went for it. I guess the best way to warm up this instrument is to play a 12 note chord, then if i have understood this correctly will at least prevent some overlapping? I have played a bit more with it now and there are definately something very weird going on.

Haha, it’s kind of funny, i work so much with the maYbe command these days that everything i touch turns random, even this instrument sounds random and i didn’t even use maYbe or random LFO’s, might as well go ahead and switch that cycle mode to random too. :D

Edit: ah, ok. Still something very strange going on though, i made a pattern now that seems to change each time it loops. :rolleyes:

When chords are triggered on the same cycle position the note in the first column isn’t necessary the first to be played, maybe do to lag or something.