[3.0] [XRNS] MulsPultChorulator

This little multi-talent consists of a chorus, a gainer and a stereo expander only and does instrument independent PWM in a Doofer. Beside some additional features it PWModulates absolutely everything you send in, no matter if symmetrical or not and allows you to adjust/automate depth, speed, wdith, stereo width, filter cutoff and resonance.


The only disadvantage is, the PWM is not synced to your signal frequency. If you don’t tell anyone, I will neither… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have fun and enjoy!


I am sorry nobody has replied to this yet; allow me to be the first. You are an inspiration, Bit_Arts, and also an amusing read when you go off on one, and I always like taking apart the stuff you make, in a bid to learn.

So, if I may… some questions.

From what I can see here, you have a sample on forward loop, in the sampler, feeding into a Doofer, which you have on the effects channel of a track. All good so far; this makes the processing you have created independent of instrument, as you state in your description.

Now, in the Doofer, I can see; Gainer>Chorus>StereoExpander, with the controls of the Doofer allocated to; Gainer[pan], Chorus[Rate], Chorus[Phase], StereoExpander[Expand], Chorus[Cutoff], Chorus[Resonance].

Can you explain the thinking and purpose of these parts, and how they work with regards to PWM? I think I get it, but it would be great to hear from you how this works. Like I say, you are way more advanced than me at all this, so understanding more of your stuff is an invaluable learning experience.

If I can make sense of it, I will integrate the knowledge into my own instruments :)

PWM can be achieved from two signals, one a phase inverted clone of the other and then both signals detuned to each other. That’s what people usually do, when they create PWM in instruments. My approach was to do the same on the fly, with the native devices. So I used a Chorus (100% wet) to create two signals detuned to each other and then phase invert one of them with a Gainer. Afterwards I use the Stereo Expander to join these two signals, which then results in a phase deletion of the shared signal parts. The left overs are the PWM signal.

All the rest is playing with different parameter variations applied to the two phases. The optimal, cleanest PWM signal would be achieved with Depth set to 100 and Stereo 0.

The filter cutoff and resonance are just there, because I didn’t want to waste resources, by just leaving those things in the Doofer’s dark. A native Chorus device comes with a filter anyway, so I made it accessible. But there’s no special idea or intention behind this. :)

However, the approach has some weak points, like the sine modulated frequency differences between both channels. A stable and steady signal difference would of course be more useful. Also, while writing this, it came to my mind, I haven’t even tried to check out stereo-signals and just used mono signals. Processing stereo-signals would be a bit more complicated and require a few more things.

Could you upload this to another site, less intrusive? Above dl link wants to install additional software into my browser :(

How about just choosing the right download button? I’m running “Adblock Edge” and the site looks completely clean over here and doesn’t try to install anything

If you’re running through the internet like Little Red Riding Hood through the forest, the solution is to not talk to the wolf or to kill it. The solution is not to move old grandma to another forest.

Uploading to sites with right and wrong download links ftw!

btw, addressing your assumptions; I turned off ad block plus and Ghostery (tracker blocking) pluginin Mozilla to see any dl options, apparently I picked the one which wants to install additional stuff.

Turning off Adblock to visit an ad-based site of course makes sense. When you’re bored or despreately searching for something to piss on, that means.

None forces you to DL anything posted here. Just leave it and your fine.

This is, what the site looks like with Adblock Edge. So what’s the reason for turning Adblock off? Yeah, we already had the answer…

Dude get the sand out of your vagina, you don’t get it. I wanted to check out your doofer, visited the link and didn’t see any download icon, thus, I disabled the adblock plugin(s) in mozilla & renewed the link for multiple dl buttons to show up. Clicking one of them directed me to a page where I could choose to dl, but with installing additional search-bar shit in my browser which I try to avoid.

Seeing this I didn’t try any other dl icon and made my post on the forum.

I should have known better.

Indeed. The site’s imprint tells they’re using Google Analytics. So it seems most likely your tracker blocking caused the problems. And I actually wonder, if this happened to you for the first time. Because a whole lot of sites require tracking as a MUST to function properly.

Let me put it in simpler terms, Bitty…

You have used one of those dodgy upload sites that has a load of sponsored links on the page with the real download link on it, with all of these extra links having the word, ‘download’ on them, which makes it difficult and ‘inefficient’ to figure out the correct link.

A better alternative would be a direct, non-cryptic link in something like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Even better would be hosting the files yourself, with a dedicated, clean, URL, like I do with my files.

I am happy to host your work, if you need this type of service.

? I only saw one download link. Maybe my adblock is hiding the fakes?

Oh, did I leave the impression, I didn’t understand any terms? I’m on the internet since 1995 and have been a freelance web developer for big companies over several years. No need to explain the internet to me. Here’s someone not understanding the impact of his own security tools. And it’s not me.

Really good Doofer, thanks.

Mate, this seems to be a regular thing you do; post something really nice, then fly off the handle when you feel something that has been said in the responses is not to your liking, or is somehow criticizing and attacking you. I am going to hazard a guess here, and say this is part of some kind of issue you have, which comes and goes, depending on what you have been doing and how you feel. This is no criticism, merely an observation based on how volatile you have been on this board over time.

I want to say; if you are indeed having any issues regarding this, we are all on your side, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all love your work and are constantly startled with your level of skill and understanding.

Take it easy, take a step back when you think someone has been attacking you, and keep the high technology coming!

So the pretty calm response “Oh, did I leave the impression, I didn’t understand any terms? I’m on the internet since 1995 and have been a freelance web developer for big companies over several years. No need to explain the internet to me. Here’s someone not understanding the impact of his own security tools. And it’s not me.” is flying off the handle? Because of what exactly? Because it didn’t fit your expectations?

An impudence and a def crossing of the personal line. But I’m used to that stuff here and don’t wonder about it anymore. Usually stuff like that is IMO comming from people suffering from personal issues themselfes, projecting their own issues into other people. The last example (which I didn’t even comment anymore), was quite recently a guy whos nick doesn’t really matter. He claimed in some thread, I’d be egocentric, egomaniac and what all, because of actually posting on topic. The same guy fell in on this board a few days earlier only with a dedicated “HEEYYYY, I AM BAAAACK”-posting, actually saying absolutely nothing, as if someone would care. You won’t read something like that from me. But yeah, it’s me who must be the egocentric egomaniac. Quite logical.

Well, that’s what I’m here for. To talk about Renoise. Some people seem to have problems to remember, what this forum is dedicated to. You know what the funny thing is? A single time I’ve let myself go and wrote a really, really detailed pschological analysis of someone in return here. The guy admitted back then in public it was pretty much him and the exact personal disorder he suffered from, what I described in this analysis and he was quite surprised how detailed I nailed him and his issues. What’s the funny thing about that? The funny thing was, I got a warning by the admins, because none cared if I was right or wrong. The reason for the warning was, something like that doesn’t belong on this forum.

To be honest, I’m really curious now about what’s going to happen in this case here now.

Said it and didn’t even notice crossing the line by far. Next one, pls…

Yes. Yes it is.

Then, your next reply is even more ridiculous, mentioning threads probably no one read except you? Dragging in a bunch of shit from years gone by that no one knows what you are talking about? Five pargraphs of “contributing” because someone suggested you use a download service that wasn’t total fucking garbage.

Genius at work.

Hissy-fit responses like this, combined with sharing stuff, then wiping it and going into self-imposed exile is exactly what I am talking about.

You may think that your responses are always scientific, and reasoned, but they are brimming with venom a lot of the time. Perhaps I just have a keen eye for this kind of thing.

Anyway, whatever. It is always fun being a spectator of the drama, and also even better seeing your excellent and inspired technical work in Renoise, so any response from you is a good response.

Consider me a fan!

You wish, hm? :)

I’m responding to a quite offtopic and outrageous claim. Something not I came up with. Sometimes it helps to open your eyes while reading.

Yeah, sorry… I know it’s not as genius as throwing money for a compo to get some attention.

Come on mate.

While you may be able to twist and turn about the minutae of the conversation here, it did all start because you went directly to Mach3 when someone had the audacity to question your choice of upload site. You have since had alternatives suggested to you, and offers of hosting, which certainly is on topic.

Imagine if everyone else did this when you made your entirely decent and helpful suggestions about Renoise.