[3.0] [XRNS] Scary Pitch And Nice Waves

The Skrillex lead sound from “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.

The original sound is a (modified) Sylenth1 patch and uses free running oscillators. Since these aren’t available in XRNIs, this can be an attempt only. But I guess, it got quite close. Of course had to change the original lead sequence. But you get the idea…

Download (~18kb) [EDIT: Updated. Resonance input set to 1.0]

This patch uses afta8’s cool Portamento Doofer.

Have fun and enjoy!


Hm, not a single response to this. I actually thought, this one sounded quite good. Does that (also considering the downloads and responses to the other instruments) probably mean, there’s actually not much interest in XRNIs in general?

I’m not sure if you just want to check your resonance modulation sir, the resonance input is set to 0.0 I’m not sure if you want a different value there so the resonance macro has an influence :)

Apart from that, good work right? :)

Good work BA, sounding good as always! I would have responded earlier but i only just discovered this post :P

I would put some xrni up but seems as if there’s not enough interest? The xrni thread is slow.
I’m guessing a lot of people rely on external synths cause the sampler has hardly any power in comparison.
It would be good to see the sampler grow though, it’s got huge potential.

Edit: O WOW i just seen the portamento doofer! AMAZZZZINNNGG props to that guy who made it.

Oooooh! Nice! Sure beats whacking the BPM up to 500 to get the built-in LFO to play nice…

Woah, seriously cool

I love how you managed to put the portamento doofer into the instrument, thats got to be a bug right? It doesn’t show up in the device list in the instrument and you can’t copy and paste it in on its own. Put it in a doofer however and bingo you can put it in there… brilliant! If it is a bug I hope they don’t fix that one

Oh also your other sounds are awesome too… having fun with those, I can’t speak for everyone but your contributions here are totally appreciated, I always learn new things by deconstructing them, not sure why there is a lack of responses sometimes, maybe folks are shy/busy/apathetic/got kids,wives,jobs etc… But either way keep em coming :)

Of course you’re right. This has to be the result of a fail click. The input has to be set to full range of course. Thanks for the heads up! :) Download updated.

Yeah, my thoughts. Seems it doesn’t make much sense to invest too much time in XRNIs atm.

Indeed. This has to be one of the most cool and useful things I’ve seen for a very long time. :) This is its original thread btw.

Nah, no bug. I’ve just renamed it to “Portamento” and it does appear as that in the instrument (Effects). EDIT: Wait, you meant the formula device, right!? Well, as the doofer is a closed environment, I think that’s fine and still no bug.

Thanks. Yeah, I guess I will post something here and there. Just not the amount I was actually going to setup. Not because of a lack of response in particular, but just because there also aren’t many downloads of the instruments.

Thanks, I appreciate you saying that :)

Fair enough, small doses are better than no doses ;)