[3.1] pattern_loop_pone - non-block pattern and cross-pattern looping

(toblerpone) #1

Loops the selection in the current pattern. If there is no selection - places loop markers in the pattern (including other patterns), hold down (virtual repeat) to remove markers. If the track automation pane is visible with a selection with existing points then loops that selection.

keybind is pattern_loop_pone

EDIT issue that I know is stupid but...
Block Looping
Block Looping
Block Looping
Loop Transitions Between Two Patterns
(agent220) #2

Epic tool!I already know that im going to be using this all time and wondering how I kept all my patience before this tool came. DEVS take note!

(danoise) #3

Clever idea - modifying the block loop size in order to obtain the right coefficient.

But I noticed that in many instances,the length of the loop seems to be off by one (one line too short)?

(toblerpone) #4

I just usedrenoise.song().transport.loop_range lol

Fixed the issue

It’s possible to have this cross-pattern btw.

(toblerpone) #5

Updated the tool.

(hmā) #6

Yay, found it! Couldn`t remember which tool did this, very useful…thanks!

(toblerpone) #7

Updated to 3.1, added new loop automation selection feature

(Andrey Marchenko) #8

Hm… But how to delete this loop selection?

(Rpnz) #9

This is so awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for this

(xerxes) #10

Fantastic tool! How come this is not on the official Tools page?