3.3.2 still seems to use the old full screen on Mojave

3.3 shipped with some OSX fixes, including:

All builds are notarized now, a few drawing fixes for OSX Big Sur, replaced Renoise’s “custom” full screen mode with the standard OSX’ full screen mode for better compatibility in newer versions of OSX.

(⮚ Renoise 3.3 and Redux 1.2 released)

But I’m seeing 3.3.2 still use the old “faux-full screen” where it draws its UI on the same desktop as it launched on, but just “on top of everything else”, obfuscating the dock and status bar, rather than by using the standard full screen mode that moves full screen apps to their own virtual desktop so you can cmd-left/right your way to both your regular desktop and other full screen apps (used by everything from FL Studio/Ableton to Adobe Lightroom to VS Code to all full-screenable macos built-ins like Image Capture or Automator).

Note, I’m running in this on Mojave (mostly because old plugins means I can’t upgrade this machine to the 32-bit-less newer versions) although as far as I understand, that functionality did not change between Mojave and Catalina/Big Sur.