432 vs 440 Hz - wild conspiracy theory or truth?

What you think of this?


I’m kind of… half-convinced :)

at least it is easier for coding because C is at 512 Hz… (512-256-128-64-32-16-8-4-​2-1)

Damn it taktik when are we getting that global tune feature in renoise ? />

Kind of interesting idea. I wish they didn`t tell you which loop was which until the end in that youtube clip though.

The other thing to note is that with equal temperament tuning, notes are purposfully detuned away from perfect harmonics anyway. Orchestras supposedly can compensate for this, but a keyboard/ brass key instrument tuned to ET will have inherent dissonances even at A-432hz (if that is a special number)

One thing I have to say though is that some sound phenomenon can certainly have an effect on the brain/ mood. If youve ever tried alpha/gamma brainwave entrainment cds you may know what Im talking about, though I`m not saying always positive or negative.

Anyhow I`ll try my electric piano at 432 and see if I prefer it, on just trying, it just sounds a little flat so far

You have to tune everything down, not just the A key :lol:/>

I don’t believe in all this spiritual natury bs. They both work and they can both be beautifull and awful.

Global tuning would be useful but for other purposes - if you need to detune your whole song for example to tune it with something else. But resampling would need to be rendered because realtime quality is probably not good enough.

Looking more into Pythagorean tuning (the one where A=432 Hz) - the drawback is that the fifths A-E and E-B, by flattening E, become almost as dissonant as the Pythagorean wolf fifth.
I don’t have a clue what the above even means :D wolf fifth? sounds dangerous!

After skimming the article, I find myself a little uneasy with the argument, which plays Godwins Law and the Naturalistic Fallacy. Not that that disproves it or anything, but the fact that Goebbels supported 440hz seems like some wild urban legend that probably has nothing to back it up.

At the very least they could provide studies instead of having a video say “please look it up!”

I would suggest that in 2013 there are numerous and far more immediate problems and popular misconceptions affecting the spiritual and artistic value of music than tuning -/+ 8Hz.

An accurate distribution of intervals is far more important for harmonically balanced music and the western ear is accustomed to an approximation of these anyway. Go check out some Persian music and see if it doesn’t leave you a little dizzy!

:) yes my piano has a global tune so the whole thing sounded flattened immediatly to my ears, tuning just the A would certainly have been better for comedy value though! Could be worth a youtube response to the original video…

Yes I could see it could be useful.

I suspect that tuning to 440Hz is done to be able to distinguish the frequencies better rather than this german nazi bullshit.
When i attempt to tune my guitar using 432Hz as base A, my tuning device has a lot of trouble distinguishing an A and a high G from eachother so to put it in other words:harmonics have other problematic aspects besides influencing the brain
If you want to experiment with tones that do really affect your state of mind, use LFO’s with a very low frequency scaling on the pitch of any particular polyphonic sample-based instrument using random offsets of minor tone adjustments and let them flow. I think you get a better idea of how to create mind influencing instruments.

sidenote: pulsating sine sub bass @ 33hz is said to make women horny. can anyone confirm?

32 hz to be exactly i confirm :guitar:

wild conspiracy theory. I’ve spoken with several people who go on about this bs…they always speak about “pure” frequencies…ugh…like sine waves occur in the forest or something…and sounds always have one frequency in their minds…it’s rediculous nonsense imo.

Don’t forget to use a lot of thirds in your songs, you’ll touch God.

Thirds for jesus, tritone for satan.

I actually saw this article a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a joke. It’s a joke right?

"A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. "

Mathematically consistent with the universe? What the fuck does that even mean? Utter bullshit; an insult to science to connect this in any way to real science. Now excuse me while I take my homeopathic medicine. It works better than real medicine, you see, because it has no active ingredients at all.

Beware The Ides Of Autotune Singularity

Now, this is actually a useful contribution to the debate ;)

Am I missing something?

I come from the djing world … so how the frack does 8hz make a difference in thought, when dj’s regularly bend up to 8% of the original tone anyway?

Maybe dj’s are the real conspiracy.

Didn’t Howard Stern confirm this? :P

David Guetta definitely looks like an outright conspiracy leader.

It is interesting though that note tuning is perfectly aligned to whole numbers for example C=256 Hz, A=432Hz, while in A=440 standard it is C=258.65 Hz and the same goes for other notes too - the whole scale is on whole numbers whereas regular scale it is with lots of decimals. As Hz are based on seconds and AFAIK seconds were originally defined based on solar day, it makes some sense that it is more “in tune” to nature rhythm but the argument that A=440 tuning sounds more clear and easier to distinguish is also quite valid.

I always filter out below 35Hz. Now I understand why nothing happens…

The idea is stupid, the video is awesome, but not for the reasons suggested.

What the video shows is that the sand gets pushed to the nodes of the 2D surface when a resonant harmonic of the material gets played (when the frequency is off resonance, the surface does not absorb enough mechanical energy to push the sand much). So the frequencies reflect the properties of the material that black thing is made out of. If you used a different material, you’d get a different set of frequencies.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Node_(physics)

this blog made me smile
… also on this subject.

Personally I tune everything by ear so I have no idea with the hertzes