8-Knobs Device

This is not a very new idea though…

I thought of this idea when I considered about the Duplex layout for APC40.
Please see this:
2734 multitap.png
If I selected a FX which has many params (this is Multitap Delay) on the APC40, it’s very hard to use these knobs.
I cannot see where the target parameter is. So I would like to collect only required parameters.

2774 8-knobs.png

8-knobs device resembles Hydra device functionally, but it has only [1out] X 8.
Simply you can set your favourite parameters up to 8 on this device.
Then, if you do midi mapping to these 8 knobs, don’t you think that it is convenient somehow?
You can set not only “fixed mapping” but also “dynamic mapping (Selected FX)” by Renoise’s native midi-mapper, so you can use multiple 8-knobs devices too.
There are many midi controllers which have 8 knobs, so maybe it’s useful if such 8-knobs device is exist.

Is this worth or not?? :huh:

So you’re talking about a variant on the much discussed Doofer Device?

Ohhh, indeed it’s somewhat similar.
Since the starting point of the idea was different, I did not notice it.

But I feel it’s somewhat different still…
8-knobs device is not a “rack” device. It’s just only a “link” device like Hydra.

if Doofer Device can include 8 Hydra device into 1 rack, indeed it’s the same thing…oh well. :rolleyes:

Both of them are taking the parameters you want from multiple devices and presenting them in one interface, correct? As I understand it that’s the main idea and in my opinion a brilliant I do really want to see implemented! The use of knobs in yours seems a little strange, as nothing else in the DSP Chain uses knobs for native display. But I do like the idea of giving it scaling and curve options, al la the Hydra, that is a really nice advancement on the initial idea!

Or am I mistaken and you’re not talking about a normal Meta Device which will be present in Renoise’s DSP Chains?

Yes, correct exactly. :) It’s just simple Meta Device.

About knobs: I like appearances of the knobs than sliders, for showing what kind of purpose this device exists for clearly (There are many controller which have 8 knobs). Although I will follow when devs say it must surely be sliders. ;)

I agree that the knobs are sexy, only mentioned sliders for sake of consistency with the rest of the GUI ;)

On the whole 5* idea though and hope something similar will make its way into the program soon.