Duplex: Apc40/20 Layout Suggestion

Hello, owners of the APCs. :)/>

Well maybe I should post this topic to this previous thread, but I want to update the first post as needed, so let me make this as a new topic.

Currently I’m a APC20 owner, so I can touch and confirm it well. I myself like the current Duplex layout map for APC20 to some degree. But of course, more suggestions are welcomed.
This is the current state:

(Include 3 configs [Matrix & GridPie & XYPad])

3808 APC20_20130105.zip

3729 APC20-layout.png

On the other hand, I think that we can make more nice and suitable layout for APC40 than now. But I don’t have APC40 actually, so please tell me some undocumented part in APC40 and give me some feedback about our Duplex layout.
This is the current state:

(Include 3 configs [Matrix & GridPie & XYPad])

3728 APC40_20121029.zip

3730 APC40-layout.png

Duplex has been evolving fairly compared with 1 year before, and its applications also increased. APC’s layouts also need to be changed properly. I would appreciate your cooperation.

:excl:/> ################################################

These configs require the latest Duplex beta version.

To install these files:

  • Download and UnZip these files
  • Open the folder below:
    Renoise’s main menu [Help] -> “Show the Preferences Folder…” -> then follow this path: Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers
  • Put (exchange) the “APC40/20” folder to there
  • Reload all Tools

:excl:/> ################################################

I wish i was. Those layouts look really cool & functional

I wanted to tell you that the most recent version of Duplex now supports custom colors per configuration.

It’s really simple to specify different colors for the GridPie (like we were talking about), now you can simply tell the APC to use whatever color.
For an example, see how the different XYPad’s in this Launchpad configuration come with separate palettes

Thanks for giving the color setting ability. I can understand how to set colors.

But, still I have some problem which I cannot solve by myself.
Could you check this file?? :huh:

2744 apc-color-issue.zip

I tried to make the XYPad config for APC20 and I think I could do it.
However, there are buttons which are not lit depending on how to combine colors (Red, Green, Yellow).
I guess that there is something wrong in the APC20’s color code maybe. :unsure:
I’ve made a image to explain the problem and put it in this zip file.

Also I’ve got a error message. The image of the error message is included to the zip file too.
To replicate the error;

  • Load any song
  • Start GridPie config of APC20
  • Hold Navigator button

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot - the Navigator error has been mentioned before, but no-one was able to recreate it

I hope this helps a bit.

"Type of LED Functions.
2=green blink,
4=red blink,
6=yellow blink,

Type of LED Ring Functions
2=Volume Style,
3=Pan Style,

Ring LED Just add + 8 to the current CC#.

ex. So for Chanel 1 | CC48 | in Traktor use Channel 1 | CC55 |

Note: To my understanding there is 3 versions of the APC40 MIDI. The version I have is US_Version.JPG"

(copied from the djtechtools-forum, originally posted by hrtbrkd)

I’ll try to get some time to double(deep)check the info on one of my apc40’s asap.

Edit: Also found this pic and pdf-document ( This document is not for the light hearted weighing in at 20 pages of code and goes in depth into exactly how the APC40 handles data.)

Download APC40 communications protocol rev 1

-As you can see if you study the pics, there are some minor differences.

Okay, I just sat down to check the channels and notes, and I can confirm that there are 3 different editions of the apc40 as mine didn’t match any of the 2 pics I posted. ALL my buttons are one octave higher than the top photo, and 2 octaves higher than the bottom pic. Also, to change the bank of the Device Control-section you have to select 1-8 or Master (channel 9) in the Track Selection-section on the APC40, wich means these shouldn’t be used by Duplex I guess.
I couldn’t figure out how to change the banks on the Track Control-section, so if anyone knows how to do this pls tell. :) As far as I can tell, there’s only one (1) bank on the Track Control-knobs, and nine (9) banks on the Device Control-knobs.

As I bought my apc’s in Norway, I’m guessing they are EU-versions. Top pic is US version, and bottom pic is the… last one (Asian I guess). :)

Thank you for your help, DoubleDeep!! :)

Ah, maybe you’ve checked midi notes by using Renoise, right?? Renoise also has 1 octave gap about note signals internally (so things get more tangled :rolleyes: ), so I guess your APC is the same as 1st photo, maybe.

If I understand correctly, the midi channel of the lower knobs part will be changed when a button on the “TRACK SELECTION” part is pushed. But it’s not for Bank change. Maybe we should omit midi channel specification of the lower knobs part for avoiding midi channel confusion.

I think (just my guess though), the Bank change of the TRACK CONTROL section is simple. You just hit one of the 4 buttons under TRACK CONTROL knobs. Please try push 2nd button and tweak knobs, push 3rd button and tweak knobs, and 4th as well.

About the Bank change of the DEVICE CONTROL section, you should hold the “Shift” button and push the 8 button under DEVICE CONTROL knobs. SO please try again, push “Shift + 2nd button” and tweak knobs, push “Shift + 3rd button” and tweak knobs…, until 8th button.

Although it may be troublesome work, I want you to tell me the result by all means.
It’s very helpful and thankful.

Thanks in advanced. :yeah:

Yep, I checked the notes/knobs in Renoise. And you understood correctly, I changed the midi-channels of the Device Control-knobs by pressing the Track Selection-buttons (midi ch 1-9).

I tried changing banks as you instructed, but there was no change in the state of the knobs. The buttons became lit/unlit as I pressed them. The same happened with both sets of knobs, wich I find quite odd seeing as the “shift-button” has a red font, and the bottom buttons (below the Device-knobs)have 1-8 written beside them in the same red font. I tried holding both buttons in at the same time, aswell as pressing them one by one.

-I had not enabled “Dumb-mode”. When I did enable Dumb-mode I could no longer change the device-knobs’ midi-channel. They stayed at channel 1. Still no luck with changing banks tho.

This wall of text is copied from http://www.akaipro.com

"Using Scenes (the horizontal row selection and Scene Launch), you can trigger playback of an entire row of clips in Session View with one move. You’ll notice five Scene Launch buttons on the APC40 to the right of the Clip Launch / Session Overview buttons for this purpose.

Once you have built your session to include lots of clips and scenes, you’ll likely find yourself using the APC40’s Bank Select buttons to navigate through scenes. The Bank Select buttons move your scene selection in Live up or down by five. By mapping an assignable knob to the Scene Select function, you can move by one row at a time without changing the highlighted scene. This is helpful for more exact control, particularly in live settings.

To assign an APC40 knob to Scene Select, first determine which knob you would like to use. We like the Cue Level knob for its location near the Scene Launch buttons, but you can use any knob you like.

Select the knob bank you wish to assign to Scene Select. If you choose an assignable knob, you want to choose Bank 2 – 8 so that you don’t override the default Bank 1 knob behaviors Press and hold Shift on the APC40 and press the desired Bank number (red numbers next to global and Device Control buttons on APC40)
Enter MIDI Map mode in Live
You will see a button in the Master Track now show a row of buttons associated with the Scenes. Press the Scene Select button on the right (Circled in Fig. 2).
Move the knob on the APC40
If you make a mistake and move the wrong knob, just delete the assignment from the MIDI Mappings window on the left, while in MIDI Map mode by clicking on the mapping and pressing delete on your keyboard
Exit MIDI Map
You can now use this newly assigned knob to scroll through Scenes easily and individually without losing the current Scene highlight."

So the instructions you gave me should be correct, Sato. I’ve got a feeling that changing the banks is only done in the software (only doable in Live), and is not “physical” (doesn’t change the CC).

Additional info:
"Up the top left we have a set of 8 knobs that are used for panning and sending audio tracks off to your send return track. The 8 knobs will manipulate parameters depending on whatever one of the 4 buttons below the knob is selected (Pan, Send A, Send B and Send C).

The 8 device control knobs are laid out the same as the track control knobs, holding down the shift key and pushing any of the 8 buttons below will move you to the next bank of 8, so you have 64 device control knobs."

Thanks for your effort, DoubleDeep!!

Ahh, sorry my misleading, maybe it’s needed to enter the “Ableton Live mode” of APC40. For doing so, could you install Duplex 0.98b9 to Renoise??

:excl: Maybe these things are very troublesome for you, but, at the time when you are free (no problem if not right now), would you test this?

  1. Install the latest Duplex and start APC40’s config.
    2755 1.png

  2. Enable “Dump Midi”
    2756 2.png

  3. Open Terminal and tweak knobs, and check the midi-CC numbers
    (For enabling the Renoise’s Terminal, please read this page)
    2757 3.png

I hope this method is effective for Bank change.
But possibly even this method may be ineffective. I am so sorry if so.

And thanks for your help so far!! :)

I’ll try it out Sato.

Here’s some more info I dug up:
Using ableton to turn off all lights = Dumb Mode, You only have 1 (Bank/Template)
Turning on APC40 and Connecting straight to Traktor = Regular Mode, 8 (Bank/Templates)

After trying your instructions, I had no progress. Managed to get the scripting-thingy up and running, but the CC’s didn’t change. :(

Wooooh, I’m so sorry for that, DoubleDeep. :(

Then, it seems that we cannot use APC40’s bank change function in Renoise.
I’m sorry to let you waste your precious time.

Anyway, I’ll remake the APC40 map because there are some what I understood this time.

Really thanks!! :)

Not to worry Sato, my time isn’t all that precious. ;) Too bad about the banks tho!
-Looking forward to seeing your new map!

I updated the current state on the first post.

About APC40:
It should work with so-called “US-version”.
If possible, I don’t want to make another version (Asia version) since I want to avoid troublesome maintenance.
I think it can be supported by updating APC40 itself, maybe.
Though I’ll make it if surely required. ;)

Well, we cannot use the Bank change function of APC40’s knobs though, I think it’s not a big problem.
If Duplex and Renoise evolve more, the function similar to it (or even more convenient one) will be added.

Please report if there is a part which does not work properly.

Thanks Satobox!

-The matrix-config works great and fixed the issues I was having with the previous version. I’d like to see one small feature on it tho: The ability to scroll through/select next and previous track with either the Cue Level knob, or the two unsigned buttons on the Activator-row. And perhaps next/previos Track DSP aswell.

-I’m not sure that the XYPad-config is working, as nothing happens when I press any of the Clip Launch-buttons.

-The Grid Pie-config crashes Duplex upon launch.
Edit: On 2nd try it ran OK.

I’m really excited to see how those two new configs will evolve, and I also hope a stepsequencer will be integrated. I’d love it if the knobs-section of the apc40 had other roles in these new configs, as I’ve got 2 apc40s and would love to use them both for different roles in Renoise. I can’t tell you how to configure them tho, as it’s only wishfull thinking! ;)

Have a lovely Christmas! :walkman:

The Cue Level knob is a relative knob which is not supported in Duplex yet, so let’s wait until it will be ready.
Well then, which do you like, setting it to 3rd&4th buttons on the Activator-row, or 7th&8th buttons under the Device Control knobs??

You need to set Renoise’s *XY Pad Device to anywhere, then you can see the cursor point on the Clip Launch-Grid.
See this thread in detail.

Hmm, if such a crash happens frequently, I’ll ask Danoise to check it. Any error message appaered??

I think that the StepSeq app needs to be improved still. StepSeq config can be made even the present conditions, but it may not be convenient enough. Cie’s LaunchPad sequencer or mxb’s padKONTROL sequencer are much better, I think. Let’s wait when it will be evolved a bit more.

Wooow APC80!! ;)
Well, for giving various roll to knobs, I’d suggested such a 8-knobs device.
Also, we can make “Notes On Wheels” config. It may be interesting indeed.

Btw, you can also edit config files by yourself. Although it may look difficultly, in fact, I have only combined some parts which already be in Duplex. When you are free, you had better read this. B)

I’m sorry Satobox, it seems I missed the fact that I could allready select next/prev Track DSP with the 3rd and 4th buttons under Device Control (7th and 8th are used for metronome and song-follow modes). Let’s use the buttons on the Activator row for next/prev Track then?

I’ll try to grab a screenshot of the error message, if it shows up again. And sorry again for being too lazy and not reading the documentation!

Haha, no sorry at all and I’ve updated the APC40 file again.

Merry Christmas!! :D

Hey danoise, I have 1 question about XYPad app.

I tried to make a new config for APC20 & 40, which have 2 XYPad and 1 Repeater like this image:
(Also I updated the config files in the first post)

3727 XY_Repeater_config.png

When I push a glid button on the XYPad area (though it’s very small area “3 X 3” ;) ), the glid button isn’t lit except the left bottom button. I think that this is because I set both “XY_grid” and “X, Y_sliders” at the same time in this config.
I can understand that the grid button isn’t lit while I control XYPad by sliders, but when I push the glid button, I want the button to be lit.

The Repeater app works like I described, even the Free value mode (the glid button is lit when I push the button).

Btw, Ableton’s “Push” seems great. It’s a ultimate controller. :rolleyes:

Yes, I downloaded your files and it’s the same here. I’ll look into it …

We should those configurations into the next version, right? They are quite cool :slight_smile: