A better (AHDSR) release

Hi all,

I think that the Release (and decay) stage of AHDSR should have a different or selectable shape, because the volume drop down in the last frame is too much fast (also with release rate very high)!


I 100% agree. Just look at the competitors:


(korg, works here also for attack of course)


(rob papen albino)


(Old Kontakt, see “Curve” parameter)

(Ableton Sampler - See the spline curves!)

But I do not believe that the dev(il)s will listen. This was suggested before. Many times.

The release and decay shapecan be effected by the Fader device (automatable) and by the Envelope device (not automatable).

Someone could write a tool to have those in sync, would be like… 20 lines of code.

P.S. the release of the envelope ‘device’ of the deprecated modulation sets (I’m not sure if they work in redux) can be automated, but those have their own problems too.


I`ve come a little late to the ahdsr party but making that device more powerful could only be a good thing! I realise that renoises modulation is very powerful, but that to get the same/ similar results as is being requested would take an investment in time (and knowledge) which = worse workflow. i.e. by done by adding more devices in the chain.

Maybe someone can chime in though if they know how to do it and give us a macro or two to get started :slight_smile:

Maybe someone can chime in though if they know how to do it and give us a macro or two to get started :slight_smile:

I see that someone might be Gova who was posting just before me… off to experiment

Tinkered a bit following gova’s description:

5796 curved adr.png

Hold can be achieved by adjusting the Delay parameter of Decay Fader individually.

(Attack Duration + Hold Duration = Decay Fader Delay)

And you can stick a typical AHDSR device to replace the Release parameter of Envelope device. (to be automatable)

5797 macro r.png

^ how I imagined it to have the shape automatable as well, you use a fader delayed till the release start (hence the 20 lines of code for the tool)

Some macro-code to auto-workaround/combine fader-modules to achieve those curve types? Would be cool indeed. But I think that sustain is not to possible to be emulated by using a fader module. Also not release on key-lift/note-off.

And since ahdsr has no delay available, at least I am not able to include a variable sustain with from ahdsr-module + fader modules… Is dat possible?

And a statement from the devs would be cool, too. Will curves types arrive some day into ahdsr module?

ballacr75, or maybe just use one envelope module, switch to curve mode and draw your curves.

I understand that drawing an envelope is the fastest way today, but for my opinion ahdsr must be implemented tomorrow!

thanks for all your suggestion!