a few suggestions for the GUI

I think pattern view, mixer etc. and spectrum/scope buttons should be moved to top next to transport control.
this would save some vertical space which would make sense these days when nearly all monitors are widescreen. If you have small screen 30px or so pixels wasted space makes a big difference, especially with trackers where things are moving downwards.

crude mockup for illustration purposes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hxxwj3003ngi03/renoisegui.png

I would also like to be able to see spectrum analyzer and DSPs when sample and plugin windows are active

also it would be great if the mixer was detachable just like sample editor and others.

clicking your mock up link I get a 404 page.

+1 for detachable mixer (& matrix as well while were detaching :)).

damn dropbox. it should work now…

Looking at that screenshot… yeah, you do have a point.

  • personally i mostly use key bindings to switch between screens, so i don’t really care where the tabs are onscreen -) so i’m maybe a little biased <_<

As much as I am for conservation of space (heh, just what I wrote in the other thread…), I don’t think that solution is such a good one. Central elements like these that you need to access continuously and usually with as little trouble as possible, should be positioned at edges of the screen (or corners, better yet) for easier and quicker access. And yes this is a researched and proven characteristic, they wouldn’t be as comfortable to access if positioned like suggested. Another problem I think is that positioning them there might require bumping up the (horizontal) resolution requirement.

Perhaps just put them to the left of the transport controls?

This was what i thought when i first opened re noise 3

Yes, buttons in same bar with transport controls would look much better. Also, wish you could move that whole bar to the bottom. So much mousing from top to bottom of screen freaking rsi hell!

And you would get rid of the large empty squared block, that by its presence only generates even more split lines in the GUI.