A Film About Animal Treatment

Just watched this film about animal treatment. Pretty sad and disturbing :(

Thank you for posting this. I can’t say I enjoyed watching it, yet I am glad I did.

we know this, yet we do nothing but watch it in horror

How to make a steak.

I have to wonder where the author of those pages got those images… especially the egg ones… considering that they’re obviously deliberately placed that way for shock value… what kind of person would kill a baby chick for the purposes of telling others not to? Seems pretty questionable to me.

Not sure if PETA’s been mentionned here yet, but I figured I’d jump the gun and mention that PETA kills animals … and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for ethical treatment of animals. I just don’t think PETA have a shred of honesty to them. Then again, I eat meat, so what do I know? <_<

Everybody repeat after me, one more time, for the good time show.

Hypocrisy doesn’t make you wrong, it makes you a hypocrite.

Trying, try it!

What the f**** does PETA have to do with me?

I didn’t say it had anything to do with you… I just knew the topic of PETA would eventually come up in a thread like this. ;)

Haha, I wasn’t trying to make a reference to myself. Just trying a new slogan.

So from now on whenever someone brings something up, ask yourself, “what the f**** does that have to do with me?” (WTFDTHTDWM)

Everybody likes animals! Especially with garlic sauce.

Did you actually watch that movie (back to back, that is)?

After watching this video, i really concider to eat less meat. BUT this video is NOT only about food, if you actually watched it then you know that it showed a lot of other kind of abuse, like killling/torturing animals for fun and entertainment, for fancy clothing, mistreated pets, animal tests etc etc… Besides, even if you do own and kill animals for food then there is no justification to be that igonrant and cruel, there are many more ways to do it!

so STFU yourself and watch this video from beginning to end before you say anything! and then explain to me, for example, why do you have to skin an animal while he is still alive???

FFS! I watched this entire movie and if some one honestly can say that he’s willing to tear the skin of a living dog, and then watch the agonizing pile of flesh looking at you, trying to comprehend what’s happening as he is left to slowly die just to get a pelt without any marks of a bullet wound, then seriously… what the f**** is wrong with you?

I don’t think anyone should watch this and say “this is what I have to accept if I want to eat meat and wear leather”.

Well, I watched parts of the video because I knew what would come there. I knew that male chickens are killed because they cannot lay eggs. So, the video kept no new information for me.

What I do against this? Well, to be honest: Nothing… Why don’t I do anything against it? Because I eat only very few meat, I refuse to eat stuff which I don’t know where it comes from (so, only fresh meat from a butcher I know) and even though I eat meat, it’s not really much (because this really fresh meat is quite expensive)

My clothes are made from cotton or plastic (which makes me responsible for the climate, PLASTIC)

In fact, I do nothing to save animals but I also do nothing to kill animals…

I didn’t watch that video… nor do I plan to… snuff isn’t my fetish… but I’ll tell you one thing… those videos always consist of the most gruesome footage the producers can find, so you can be sure that those instances of torture are the worst they could possibly get footage of. The reality is, there are a lot of meat farmers out there that strive to treat their animals as humanely as possible considering the circumstances… not everyone who is in the meat business is a monster. Sure, we eat the meat from these animals… but we also slaughtered and killed them with our bare hands a few years back too… and that’s got to be more of a painful death than the more “humane” (sure, they’re not 100% humane) methods they’ve got these days.

… oh, and, it’s not torture to skin an already dead animal by the way… I laugh every time I see them put that in an anti-meat video

dude, you SHOULD watch this video… dont wimp out! otherwise you will continue to tell this crap you just told…

if you finally watch this video then you will see that they are not dead!!

From 1993 to 2006, I was a strict vegan. 13 years, a vegan. I am currently an omnivore.

I watched the video, back to back. This is not new information. The numbers in the video is not new information. I am not going to go back to vegan anytime soon. What does that make me? A f****ing wimp. I can accept that. I can do as little or as much as I can. The important thing is to try.

As a child, I killed a chicken for food, saw moose carcasses hanging in garages after a hunt, seen and raised on many family members farms. I was not disgusted, I have absolutely no moral issue with eating meat.

The numbers in the video invalidate any moron who says farms are alive and well. Billions of chickens and livestock a day makes it impossible for most any meat and leather to come from your friendly neighborhood farm. The numbers are astronomical, our consumption far beyond sustainable.

This is a result of economics, barbarism, and ignorance. There is definitely another way to do this. Sitting there doing nothing is not one of them.

elaborate please, i didnt quite understand

And, in an ironic twist of fate:

well then, im just saying that people who dont feel bad about it shouldt reply to this thread

Kaneel is vegeterian since he’s 16. He says so this in the thread. So, I’m pretty sure he’s more about feeling this than most.

Also, I have to agree with him. Crying over videos like this is stupid. People make up their own stories on how they aren’t part of the problem. Guess what, PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM.

Inaction is useless. Watching something like this is about as gratuitous as watching porn. If you need to see this in order to do very little, except emote, then pat yourself on the back because you should congratulate yourself for accomplishing nothing! A job well done?