A more ideal way of randomizing phase offset

I’m a big fan doing automated things. One thing that’s been bugging me for the past years is how to do randomize phase offsets. With my research and scientific approach to this problem I figured out two methods that can work:

  1. Randomize phrases
  2. Randomize samples

(1) was discussed in a different topic but I have a different approach for the doofer which makes it more efficient and lowers CPU usage.

So that being said let’s hop into it:

(1) Randomize phrases
The approach as mentioned is similar as mentioned above. You have one/set of sample(s) that you want to execute at the same time per key press. What you do is recreate multiple phrases where each input shows as follows:

C-4 | S00

The next phrase the input will show as:

C-4 | S02

So why the jump to S02? You’re only allow to have up to 126 phrases.
In order to randomize the phrases within an instrument you’ll have to create a doofer that contains a key tracker that triggers the reset of an LFO. This LFO is using the “random” waveform. Previously I set the LFO to run at 1LPB but this is just absurd. It’s better to set the LPC to Infinity. From there the LFO attaches to a hydra dsp which is used to define specific phrase range on the instrument macro DSP.
random1 random2

The result shows as follow:

Of course why would I make you go through the effort of creating this when I can just give you the RANDOM OFFSET.xrni (7.4 KB) file? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(2) Randomize Samples
This IMO is more interesting to me and provides a new perspective on how Renoise instruments works. Let say you have a predefine set of samples that are the same tune waveform…but phased differently and want to use them in one instrument. What you can do is overlap all the audio samples and change this specific settings:

You officially have an RANDOM_SAMPLES.xrni (28.1 KB) instrument that can do random offsets.

Did I mention you can combine these two concepts and create even some crazier shit?