Free Running LFO in an Instrument

This came to my attention on the Renoise Discord where someone wanted to do a freerunning LFO running on the filter modulation. Technically speaking this is not possible with the current functionality of the modulation feature. It works with having finite starting times and ending times, making it very digital in respect. To make it “analog” you’ll need to apply some concepts I posted in a previous topic and do some exploit trickery.

(1) Create a Doofer in the pattern matrix area where the Instrument Macro is being subsidized.
(2) Within the instrument, place an operand modulator into the filter (or any modulation).
(3) Attach the macro onto the operand.
(4) On the instrument’s FX matrix, copy and paste the newly created doofer into a FX chain.
(5) Attach a Doofer macro onto the instrument macro.
(6) Next add an LFO to the chain.
(7) Chain the LFO onto the Doofer macro you just modified.

And congrats you have yourself a free running LFO.

Note: I prefer utilizing operands because it gives you the flexibility to do Mathematic modulation. Modulating on the input parameter is fine.

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