A New Renoise Release Should Have Exactly One Feature

Every new Renoise release should have exactly one new feature. On the side: Bugfixes & minor tweaking/refactoring of existing features. Nothing more.

Basically: Iterative and incremental development.

Step 1) Announce the feature you are working on and the name of the next version. Example:

We are working on Piano Roll and the next version will be 3.2. It will be ready when it’s ready.


People will bitch, moan, complain, be assholes before you start developement. Then, it will die off. Here, you take the best advice and develop the feature stress free.

Step 2) Release beta.

At this point anyone who is still being an idiot will be called out as such, and it will be much easier to filter actual feedback from insane out of scope requests and bullshit.

Rinse and repeat.

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Don’t know if youre kidding or not , with all the controversy the new release gets , but I think it’s a verrry good idea .

I’m not kidding.

+1 billion.

  • infinity …but if the developers want to add more features and keep us updated …that’s good too
    So it doesn’t necesseraly has to be 1 feature , but I understand you want to keep the pressure down .
    Really curious how this will turn out .
    Might be a big game changer

Some people will always do this no matter what you do.

I think VV means the developers prefer 'PARALLEL PROCESSING ’

I like the idea! :)

However, I’d rather see that they focused on the Redux plugin in the future - and Renoise’s Content Library building features.

Some people - including me - have suggested features that make Renoise more like a conventional DAW. I’ve stated that I’d prefer to see Renoise evolve as a DAW rather than as a tracker, however that conclusion was based on the premise that Renoise would continue to be a closed and self-contained application. Now when Redux is announced, I see more potential in this app than in Renoise itself.

So, what I’d like to see for future 3.x versions is this:

  • 90% of coding spent on features pertaining to Redux and Renoise’s Redux compatible features (i.e. both Redux and Renoise).

  • 10% of coding spent on one single new feature in Renoise only, maybe anchored in the old backstage voting system - but not with such grand features like linear arranger and stuff, more a list that the devs themselves decided with some 10 features that people could vote on and argue about in regard to priority.

For now, I would like that, too. Not that I have any say in it. But, ideally, Redux will be wildly successful enough to pay for it’s own dedicated coder and the rest of the crew could focus on other things. Like martinis, Renoise, keeping Conner from digging under the fence and getting loose in the street and scaring all the neighbor kids, helping some on Redux… maybe some more Renoise…

Or how about a 2010 Edition of this thread?

You learn from history or history repeats itself.

Choose one.