Faster Release Cycle

Shorter feature list for each release, with faster more incremental releases. Still go for tested-true stability like Renoise renowned for, but make the bursts shorter, less complex.

Yes I know it is contrary to the current philosophy. The reasoning behind this idea is complex and thought out. Yet, I will save it from being typed here at length to initially propose the idea in pure form.

What do you mean?
Release 2.536 etc.

In addition to what Bantai said: I know you guys want to have new stuff as quickly as possible. But releases the way we do them simply need time. Also because of all the testing and “non coding” tasks that have to be done along with each release. More releases thus also means less time to concentrate on new stuff for us then.

Can’t we (the devs) here simply decide then what works best here for all of us? We will do our best to try to keep the time between the releases small, but small releases does not mean a release every week or month or something like this. Or is there any urgent feature, bug you need to have fixed immediately, or whats the purpose of this thread?

Or do you like the way Reaper handles this more, after having played around with Reaper for some time?

I often said that I’m clearly against this “x.y.348223 a2 fix 2” update policy, cause this does not ensure that you have something stable at the end. It just keeps you busy updating your software all the time, and also forces all users to be beta testers all the time.

[center]Naw man… no good.


As long as it’s rock solid I don’t mind. Thing is I understand that you may plan on having a quicker release cycle, get to alpha testing stage, have many discussions on tweaks, bugs and end up adding and adjusting far more than originally planned, and thus we have a longer wait before next release.

This is something I accept and am more than happy to live with. Sure small, more regular updates may be nice but well tested, stable software is the most important.

Exactly, I prefer a stable piece of software that runs for a year above a monthly reinstallation/update

LMFAO beat the bastards!

Hard to tell…

Would be nice, but stability is most important for me. If Renoise will change into Buzz (no hard feelings - great program) - i will sell my license.
I would pay x2 (more devs) for more frequent releases with the same level of stability.

o = coding
x = wrapping up a release


I’m too lazy to count the o’s, but you get the idea?

this is very scientific by the way. the chart does not lie!


I think we should leave the devs alone and let them do their thing, they have done a magnificent job so far and see no reason trying to conform them to something else. Let it flow, be free.

Yeah, leave the devs alone! playing modified Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” pt2

“modified”? what do you mean, modified? do share it with the world or the puppy gets it! and as well know, once the puppies get it, the cats will understand, too, and soon after that the birds will know what’s up and start attacking us mercilessly. I’m just trying to help :unsure:

Modified as in “leave the devs alone” instead of the original “leave the kids alone”.

Edit: Note that I’m not by this implying that the devs are kids – on the contrary. But some Renoise users are kids. And they are presumptious kids at that. And spoiled. And whining. And annoying. And they stink as they shit their diapers in public. That Pink Floyd song just came to my mind like a thunderbolt from the sky. Maybe it was my subconscious conclusion of “another brick in the wall” that entered as a Freudian slip.

I immediately thought you were talking about the spirited emo kid crying on youtube about brittney spears meme, until I read the rest.

Anyhow, who decided to stop listening to each other? It was never us vs them, it’s still all us, no they, just all of the royal “We”.
I can do whatever I want, and so can you.

I think the whole idea of the faster cycle before was to inhibit piracy.


Or we might end up with something like this :)

stability > quickies

though I’d love to know what cool stuff you devs are working on! :)

Hey, that’s exactly how I name my tracks

The culture of this places has really changed. I’m not feeling nice about it anymore.

Of course I don’t suggest that we do a release every 2 weeks that’s 2.5566.x7, but a year between each increment? In no way I have I ever been unsupportive of the devs, search my track record, it speaks for itself. But oh well if you want to slag me off in public then fine I’m over it, causes nothing but hurt and is getting tedious. See ya.

meh. I was hoping you were playing around with remixing it or something ^^

we don’t need no fear of crashes
we are free to use the old (and stable versions)
no scary tunnels full of waiting
teachers give us all your gold!

(though I still vote (not that there is a vote ;)) for “whatever gives us the most bang” (see my chart above))