A New Song (charly Linch)

I’m busy with a track…

And I’m not sure I’ll keep the song like this or change a few things.
I hope posting it here gives me the feedback I need ;)

It’s not mastered so it could sound messy on hi-fi speakers.

Charly Linch- Fullcontrol.mp3


You can now listen to the mastered version in my audio section @ www.charlylinch.com

cool track charlie. much good stuff going on in here! i like the sounds and the overall mood very much.

and those female voice samples adds just the right amount of tension/exctitement to the “story”, I think.

switching to that hip hop beat a couple of times is cool! but I find it very funny when you add that ragga-mexican sample in there… haha! :) it’s like you’re doing it on purpose, right - cus it doesn’t really have ANYTHING to do in there? so if you intend this to be a “funny moment” you should leave it like that.

Also, I gotta say, I’m not as familiar with this genre/breaks-style as I know many others on the forum here are, so what I’m about to say might be something that’s a real no-no… well, when listening to your track, you built up a good tension, and I found myself waiting for the track to completely take off, with a more straight-in-my-face type of beat, like hard & fast d’n’b, you know. but maybe that aggressive feeling is not what you’re after`at all?

either way, nice work. looking forward to hear final version.

The overall mood is great, really like the intro, really crisp production on that distortion.
When it drops though, I want it to be double time between the stabs, with the high hats of the break rolling on.
Does that make sense? I’m thinking in terms of the Amen it would be at 0950 trigger point.
It would really increase the energy and make the half time section something to savor.
I’ve got Plotinus by Squarepusher in my head as an example, although its a different tune entirely.
Really sick though, really like it.

To be honoust I did try to make the beat straight-in-your-face in the second half of the song.
I’m glad you mentioned it. I know now that it isn’t straight enough :P

and I am still considering to remove the mexican ragga voice and replace it with some oldschool rundmc stuff.

I think I understand. Just make the beat in the beginning half-time in drummer-language
I’m going to play with the track…

Thanx for your fast feedback!

Wow what a sound man, real deep, atmospheric without the beats destroying it,
but actually adding to that atmosphere. I agree with Denim though, I feel the track
needs more variation in groove. Some ‘straightforward’ breaks maybe? The track
feels like it’s a lot longer than 5 minutes at the moment, and I’m not sure if that’s
a good thing. Maybe a clear melodic theme to help carry the composition? Give it
a clear beginning, middle, bridge, climax…

All in all a potential banging track, great work! Looking forward to this one!

edit: that halftime beat at around 3:00 sounds off… maybe it’s meant to, but I thought I’d mention it :)

Proper stuff :guitar:


I changed a few things.
no big changes but I think the flow of the song is much better.

thanx for all the advices (even if I didn’t use it :P)
Still need to be mastered but the mix is fine!


Charly Linch - the fall.mp3 (direct link)

(yes, I also changed the name)

I love the mini breakdown at 2:04 … I cracked up when I heard it :P … this track is very reminiscent of Current Value’s stuff… the boys at the DOA forums would be fairly jealous of this one ;)

Good job :D

BTW, when I compare someone’s song to another artists music, I’m not saying the song is ripping the other music of by any means… just that it’s of a similar vibe… which I usually like quite a lot. Please dun take offence to mah comparisons ;)

I feel honoured when someone compares me with big artists like that!
better than:
it reminds me of that 2th breakcore song of the 542th netrelease of that breakcore guy in poland :P


well, reminds me of bong-ra / chris clark / forss, all kinda stuff i like! :)


I like the deep dark atmosphere of the track !

It reminds me of Milanese ! And yes, maybe some Clarks songs.

Good luck for the finishing !

I downloaded both versions, I personally like the first more tho. The shittier sound the more I like it.

i like this song, the quality is high as always with your tunes. there’s something i don’t like about it which is difficult to put my finger on though. it feels to me like it’s pulling in two different directions. i feel like i either want this to chug along like some sort of mutant dubstep massacre, or i want it to let rip in the typical breakcore full on gabbafest type fashion. instead it seems to straddle the two. i’ve listened through a bunch of times and i find it actually sort of awkward and even frustrating to listen to at points.

i think the problem is the rhythm sounds are too dense for the most part to do the mutant breakcore~dubstep type thing (i think that’s sort of what your aiming for here, right?) successfully… and then in the second half it seems to go sort of current-value with the repeated cymbal crashes, but it doesn’t have the breakbeats to fill it out.

i’m also not sure about the way the ambience and reverberating sounds lurk in the background with lots of reverb, i think possibly it doesnt work so well with the density of the beats. you could maybe do more to let the ambient and reverb sounds come through more at certain points rather than just lurking there most of the way through as they seem to, which feels like it might be counterproductive with the way the beats are designed. i could be wrong about that though, it’s hard to say without trying it.

like i said it’s difficult to put a finger on what i’m not liking here… i think it may have something to do with the EQ and compression on the sounds as much as the programming. it might be the way the cymbal crash sounds which im disliking here.

there is alot to like in this tune though, and some of it works really well. hope that makes some sort of sense?


Thanx for listening!
Your comments really got me thinking about the tune.
I’m already to sick and tired of the beat to reopen the xrni though :P
but I will definitely take your advices with me in my next songs!
Especially the thing you say about the (over)use of reverb on the atmospheric tones.

Thanx very much!

Uploaded the new mastered version and deleted the other links:


Fantastic track, love it! The mastered version sounds great here. Really dark with a lot of tension.

this version sounds much better to me, solid work right there


I think the mastering finished the sound and made it really pumping.

nicccccccccccccccce B)

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