A New Vision (vocal Edit Feat. Henriette)

I took Henriette’s offer with regards to colaborating on vocals, and it worked. :slight_smile:

Here is the result: A New Vision (vocal edit feat. Henriette)

Let us know what you think!


What can I say, I really, really like this track! :D

that came out well

I smell a pop princess in the making B)

tall order to try and make something as good as this though gets to work

this is really cute!
lyrics blend well with the actual song… me likes, lovely.

Amazing! Sweet voice, fits the track perfectly.

Nice!! I had been watching that thread, and I didn’t expect the track so quick. You’re a lucky man Sagosen- great vioce on your girl :eek: !!

Thanks! It went really quickly because Henriette was able to sing over an existing track of min…the original mix of “A New Vision”. I simply remixed it more or less according the her’s and sagosen’s ideas, basically giving a verse-bridge-chorus structure.

I really hope to do more stuff with Henriette in the future.


BTW - laying out the vocals in Renoise was a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

We REALLY need to be able to see the waveform for longer tracks. It would be SOOOO much easier. :angry:

Wow, this is a cool track.

Now you know what I’m struggling with every time I work with vocals, which is more and more often, hehe… Unfortunatly, seeing waveforms won’t come with 1.6 as Sewen needs recording in RNS more than seeing waveforms! As of now, it’s just a matter of getting used to cutting the vocals though. When you work with vocals especially sung for your own track you should cut the wavs down to one line per wav (or sentence, whatever has a natural break), and if a sung verse/chorous starts before the pattern with the verse/chorous music, use the option to move continously through patterns, so they all act like one big pattern. If you know what I mean… :rolleyes:

Agh, still a bit tired here…

I know, she’s really something! She’s always singing on something new, something old or singing along to whatever she hears, and just recently figured out that this is what she was meant to do with her life. Funny how the renoise-community is an untapped source of great music for singers who need just that; Original music to sing to! She’s as exited as you guys are, maybe even more. :D Good experience for me to record her as well, she sings and I say what would work or not, ask her to sing another version etc. Tho most the time she knows better than me, so I just keep my mouth shut, let her do her thing, record it and enjoy the results. :P

It may seem as I talk for her alot, but just concider me as a conveyer of her message until she feels fully comfortable with this medium. ;)

sagosen: saw you were “online” so hoped to speed the process, I’ve uploaded an innitial edit of the vocal Ava remix and emailed to henrietta the details…

I’m keen for some feedback and ideas, I’m right into this :)

Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread!

U got mail. :)

Thank you guys for all the nice words. This is really making me happy. Now Im getting far more open for new creative thoughts. And I cant stop. A big thank to Sonus who has made this to happen. This has been the best week in my life :D

Speaking of vocal tracks in renoise. Have you guys tried energyXT in renoise?
Works very well.
You can’t record directly in it when used as a vsti inside renoise, but its very easy to import waves and it will synch perfectly and play along from any postition you hit play in renoise.

Here is a short howto:

  • load eXT as a vsti instrument in renoise
  • rightclick on background in eXT and add a sequencer
  • double click sequencer
  • in sequencer click options - synch mode - External. Now it will synch and play along with renoise.
  • Press F3 to open the eXT browser. Rightclick browser to add a folder where you usually save your recordings. Now just drag/drop files from browser into the audio tracks in sequencer
    Thats it.

In eXT you can easily move/chop/copy/paste add heavy fx’s and freeze tracks to save cpu. It also streams all files from harddrive.
Recommended :)

Can only second what the others said. Her voice fits beautiful in this song and the song itself is also pretty good produced :walkman:

This gets me going :)

I never thought of using eXT for doing longer vocal tracks!

:slaps forehead:

Am I correct in thinking that each track in the eXT sequencer has its own output, so I can route it to different effects? I haven’t yet messed around with sequencing in eXT…I’ve only used it as a modular effects environment.


Danke schon ptrance. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Great mood Sonus/Henriette… love the major minor shifts especially.

A few issues:

  • Bring her forward in the mix a touch, just make her voice sit on top a little more.
  • Some of the phrases’ rhythmic expression is out of time, ever so slightly (e.g. “I know…”). This is ok, but it gets accentuated by the ‘response delays’.
  • Probably a tough too much boost on the eq above 10k on the first glitch and some of the drum sounds.
  • I’d drop the verb-cutoff down a bit more and compensate by turning up the wet and decay in respective amounts. Either that or loose the verb on the backing instruments, maybe??
  • The piano’s intonation is out.

The arrangement is great.

You can.
You can choose if you want to keep all fx inside the sequencer or route them to fx outside.

To keep inside:
In main window to the left you will see each audio track you have added in the seqeuncer. Press the “1” icon to add insert fx for each track.
You also see the “Sends” folder there. Press “…” to add fx to sends. When thats done you will see that send fx in each audio track folder.

rightclick the sequencer in main window. Choose inputs/outputs. Now add as many as you need. You can now connect fx outside the sequencer. Then rightclick the audiotracks in the sequencer (to the left below mute/solo buttons) or rightclick the audio track in main window and choose your output.


Thanks for the detailed description. I’ll look into these little flaws.


Damned… I need to get this song :) Too bad, I am at work here currently… Review follows :)

Very good work. Did not know that the vocals would be this great :) The song itself is also very good but the vocals lift it up and make it even more interesting.

@Sonus: Very cool arrangement
@Henriette: Nice voice :) Really talented