A Question About One Of The Demo Songs In 2.0

Hey everyone, Im fairly new to renoise. I bought a copy a few months ago, however, Ive yet to have the time to really explore the possibilities of it to the extent I like to.
(I have a fairly Ghengis Khan style of learning, learn everything rape and pillage features and cool shit, add it to your army and move on!)

Anyway, I had a question about one of the demo tracks in 2.1. I have the basics of everything down, however, The demo “Neurotix-Nivi”…
Browsing through, There are no instruments, no samples, nothing.
I sat there stumped.

I get the sound manipulation is coming from frequency adjustments no the ring mod and phase nad chorus and what not.
But the sound source…Is it merely feedback?

Well I hope I can snag some answers to my curiosity.

Thanks everyone!

Hi, a complete description by the author has been posted here

Ahh perfect. Just what I was looking for.
thanks man.
Your demos on Renoise are fantastic by the way
Keep up the good work.

Thanks a bunch man. Glad to come accross people so helpful. Im quite experienced but I got interested in Renoise for the modern-esque tracker feel. Its a new way to look at everything, so Im trying to tear down my familiar walls of the normal sequencer. It fucks with your sense of time to music.
I cant wait to see how Renoise is going to play with different enviornments. Reaktor, Max/MSP, and Bidule. Ive yet to really implement other things into Renoise, so im psyched about it.

Once again thank you, its rare you find an internet forum where people arent sarcastic bastards. :D

Man, DC Offset is totally getting its props this month.

Welcome to the forums.