Drum Synthesis - Using only native renoise FX...

Hi everyone, i want to share some of my discovery using renoise.

Long time ago i loved a drawing tool in fastracker2 and after it appeared on Renoise i started to experiment with sound making using only renoise, i created a variety of instruments and one day i tried to find out how to make drums, snares and hats in an easy way, at first i used only drawing tool and tried to draw all the drums and hats by hand, but they sounded as lofi 8 bit samples, well it was cool for a while but accidently when i wanted to make more softer sound and after dc offset i found out that it behaved interesting on samples that are faded out…

so here is simple trick how to make drums only using renoise, it is just basic tips, you can get alot of diferent drumsset you just have to adjust those sounds in the way you like…

Sorry for no speaking in video, i’ve tried few times to record my voice but that was a mess. :) ENJOY


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Great little video there :drummer:

With all the troubles I am having with RMV at the moment I am tempted to get making my own kits like this! :D

Wicked video mate. Get tempted to try and do bits like this myself at times but never quite get around to it…

also there is method using only effects without a drawing tool, for the bass drum you can use on a silent sample a dc ofset to make offset line and for the noise you can make multiple modulations with ringmod and distortions also adjusting with equalizer :)

There’s a whole demo song packaged with Renoise with no samples, just using the effect, especially DC offset. Quite mellow if you just sit and let it play but if you start jumping through the patterns you can get some very interesting noises. Amazing the sounds you can get out of Renoise without a sample or VST in sight!

great vid miglo.

this vimeo site looks interesting, what is the maximum length of video you can upload there?

Also what did you use to capture renoise with and on what settings? :)

When I expand the viewing window in vimeo the quality is very good!

vimeo lets you upload one HD movie a week and total of 500mb of video per week…
i used snagit to capture renoise window, it alows you to capture at any size any resolution …
for compression i used aftereffects and exported to mp4 as suggested in vimeo site…

excellent! (=

wow :o
I’m impressed.

Awsome! Thx for hint. :yeah:

Super cool video


Vimeo is the Youtube for elite :P

Very cool video migloJE!!

thanks i am gald that you liked it :)

Vimeo is really cool. There’s a ton of incredible creative work there, and the users are actually interested to see your work, leave comments, make critiques, etc. It’s very refreshing!

well done
thanks for sharing your method
good use of the fx button in the sample editor
i hadn’t realised how powerful it could be…
gonna make some samples this way for sure.
need to get some new sounds onto my emu sampler now i’ve doubled its ram…
cheers dude

Thats awesome!
I didn’t even know this was possible :D

Vimeo always had tighter quality…
Youtube only recently added HD quality, but clicking the HD button only seem to work reliable if you explicitly turn on “always show HD quality” in your youtube profile…

Awesome video, enjoyed watching it and inspired me to start doing my own sounds - at least a few :)

this technique can be applied not only to drumm synthesis, you can make variety of plucked sounds. Also by rendering oscillators from ring mod and aplaying the same ringmod you can get great fm sounds… usable for bass, synths, pads… etc…

I think the pitch envelope in the instrument editor is not suitable for creating those boomy bass kicks
The way I do it is a to draw something like sine wave in the wave editor and and then insert some drastic pitch commands ( pitch down )
like this

c7( actual sample pitch) effect command 0207 (pitch slide down with value 07 …then repeating the command
– 0200
– 0200
– 0200
– 0200
– 0200
– 0200
and then ofcourse sample the selection