A question about sample import and velocity/keyzone assignment

I’ve been wanting to have FM synthesis in Renoise, and I have a way to do this with single-cycle waveforms.

Using an online tool, I was able to export a set of single-cycle waveforms that gradually increases it’s frequency modulation, going from pure sine wave to modulated sine wave. I have 100 single-cycle waveforms.

Is there a way to assign each single-cycle waveform its own velocity in an automated way?

I did this with 20 waveforms today, a rudimentary version of what I’m describing above. I assigned 20 samples to the same instrument, they’re each given a different velocity keyzone (instead of pitch). In this way, I can emulate frequency modulation by assigning a velocity range, and then typing that velocity in, in the pattern. Like so:

Kind of similar to adjusting filter cutoff via the FX column.

Now, is there a way where I could drag 'n drop samples into the keyzone area, and have each one of them only take up one value, instead of 5 values (see first picture for example)? The first sample is taking up velocity values from 0 - 5, the next sample is taking up velocity values from 6 - 0A, and so on.

I was able to get a finer set of samples exported that are more gradual in FM nature, hoping to make each sample only take up a single velocity value, from 0 - 1, 1 - 2, 2 - 3, and so forth.

Do we have a tool that will do that for us, or a method that I might be missing? Otherwise, I’ll probably be spending an hour doing this repetitively by hand.

Might be a lot simpler to use a single sample of an FM amount sweep, then drop it in the •GRAIN SCRUBBER• xrni or something comparable

If you’re dead set on single cycles, you could make a set of phrases that each trigger only one note (each note being assigned a unique single cycle waveform) then use a similar method of phrase control automation to be able to cycle through waveforms with a macro like the grain scrubber does. It would be a little work making the phrases, but you’d only have to do it once and then you could use it for any set of waveforms you’d like

Your idea is not bad, I could just make a long waveform and place a slice at every 168 samples!

I guess it won’t be so bad, though. It’s only 100 SCW, each one a value greater than the last.

I’m working on emulating some of my favorite 2OP FM sounds - really simple stuff from Pure Data/MaxMSP. Really nice stuff for melodic work, with basic FM timbral changes. Ryukau put up a new page with SCW generation here: OneCycleWaveform

With that, I was able to switch to quicksave, and using the little arrows in the numerical fields I was able to export the full range that I wanted. Imagine starting with a square wave and a filter cutoff at zero, then sweeping it up to a fully open filter and a pure square wave. Except it’s FM.

to get timbral variation, I’m relinquishing my normal usage of the volume FX column to create timbral change instead of volume change. And it won’t be random, each volume shift will be equivalent to a greater (or lesser) variation of FM. It’s just me being persnickety :smiley:

And with the particular FM ratio I selected, I can get other sounds with careful filter usage. This is really limited, though. Almost how one would have done it back in the 90s with an AKAI S2000. Heck, if somebody was able to create a Tool to load the samples and auto-assign volume values, that’d be handy. Oh well :slight_smile: I’ve got two days to do this as part of my vacation, not like I’m doing anything else hahaha.


And here’s the instrument with filter and envelope

FM Samples 000.xrni (94.9 KB)

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