A Question For Phoscyon's Users

Hi all !

I’ve just bought Phoscyon and i’m trying to make some basic stuff in External mode but i can’t succeed to slide a note.

The manual says :

“In the Seq Ex mode the synthesizer does not use the bank of internal patterns. Notes coming from host
program do not correspond to pattern numbers. instead they generate sound.
Notes in the range of C2-B5 define the pitch of the generated sound. Notes A1, A#1 and B1 (octave
numbers may depend on host application) control attributes of step pertaining to:
· A1 - Gate
· A#1 - Accent
· B1 - Slide”

So i’ve tried to add a B1 note in a subtrack (on the same line of the note i want to slide) but nothing happens.

Maybe some of you can help me ?

Not quite what you’re asking, but have you tried this?

Alternating lines for portamento with vsts

There are a few more threads about it, but they basically say the same. Add a new column and alternate the notes.

Kudos on reading the manual, by the way. :D

Ok, i’ve just spent not enough time to think about it.

For those who could have the same problem, i’ve asked the D16 Group’s Technical Support and one of these cool guys answers me :

Hope it’ll help


I’m using this plugin now, and when I mute the track that its assigned to, it doesnt go silent! whats wrong?

nevermind, I figured it out.

I don’t get this. How am I supposed to use notes A-1, A#1 and B-1 for gate, accent and slide when they generate sound just like any other note if placed on the host’s pattern editor? Further more, what is PLAY LIVE mode? I got the sliding to work from host notes when I placed them to separate tracks and controlled them with note offs, but how can I trigger the accent in this scenario?

Dear Phoscyon (1) users,
can you tell me why a pattern starts at the red square and not at the beginning?
It doesn’t matter what I do, the pattern always starts at position 3 and not at position 1.
Is this a bug? Is this a compatibility issue in terms of Renoise? Or is this because it’s meant to be like that?

It shouldnt be, i never hsd that issue and dont with v2 either. Which Seq mode are you in?

I’ve also noticed a shift within Renoise, partially causing a delay in terms of sound. For example, I had delays while creating my contribution for MBC14. When I hit a key it took almost a second to get some sound, which was very annoying while creating a beat. Usually there should be sound immediately when hitting a key. I’m pretty sure that’s because of Phoscyon and its behavior in terms of patterns respectively the starting point of a pattern. It’s not always like that, but more than enough.

I switched internal off and on again and the result was a normal starting point at position 1 in the pattern sequencer, BUT everything was completely out of sync and there was no chance to fix it. It was like a pattern having 18 positions instead of 16. So unfortunately this isn’t the solution. I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

Yeah although its nice to use its internal sequencers, i always set Phoscyon to host mode and program the MIDI myself. You can set the velocity threshold for accented steps and just overlap notes for glides. I find it infinitely easier to program that way personally.

Hm, I wouldn’t say it’s easier, but it would extend the composing possibilities, because the resolution of a pattern is much higher than the 16 steps of the internal step sequencer. Especially if you’re using LPB 16 like I always do. But I really like the step sequencer, it’s quite the opposite of a piano roll. And the sound you can get by using the internal step sequencer is different than the sound if you’re using the external mode. When you’re talking about velocity threshold for accented steps, do you mean these accents?
So a value of 80 would result in a accented note? If yes, what’s the normal value then? 40?

Btw, I checked again. I’ve opened a new song and loaded Phoscyon without anything else. The result is that it suddenly starts at position 1. I don’t know why, but now it’s ok. This is strange. I bet next time it’ll start at position 3 again, just like all the time. Maybe it’s time to switch to v2. But I’ll wait until next Black Friday.

Yeah non accented steps are anything below the threshold, which is user definable in the settings. Ive never vibed with the classic 303 style step sequencer, so being able to use MIDI control in renoise is great. I only use 4LPB but utilise the delay column a lot for going off grid so to speak, so being able to swing the pattern with precise control appeals to me. Phoscyon 2 is good, but wait for a sale IMO as you have the first one.

Well, I don’t like to type more than necessary while composing, so I prefer to use pattern effect commands and column values as little as possible. This way I can also keep the pattern editor as clean as possible. And I think the swing you can get by using LPB 16 is perfect. If you’re not happy you can still use delay values.

What settings are you talking about? Inside Phoscyon? These are the options that I can find:
And yes, I will wait for a special offer when it comes to Phoscyon 2. There’s no way I’ll pay 119 € for that. I had the option to get it for 29 € last Black Friday, but I skipped because I don’t use Acid very often and I just have bought v1 from you, which also does the job quite well.