Vsti With Portamento?

to get on the same page with me download the peach vsti:
load it up, and put portamento so it’s pointing straight up as 12 o’clock

now notice how when you play notes it slides around…

if you write notes to a pattern in a single note column it won’t slide

in order to get it to do it, i have to make a second note column and keep alternating notes

is there a way to make this easier or something that automates the process??

it’d be so much easier if there was a way it could slide in the single note column

is there a way to do like “continue” for samples as the new note action, except for vst?

no, the way you are doing is currently the only one.

another possible way would be using what for sample-based isntruments is “note ghosting”, id est: removing the instrument number from the note, but it is not implemented.

This isn’t a Renoise-specific thing. If you were using Cakewalk Sonar, for instance, the piano roll editor would require you to do the same - effectively overlap the notes, by introducing the second (porta destination) note while the previous note is still ‘on’.

This example follows logically on a MIDI keyboard - to get the porta effect, you need to play the second piano-key before you’ve released the first, or else the note will just initialise from scratch with no sliding.

It may sound like a conflict between common sense and MIDI, but really it gives you two options where a more simplified command set would only give you one - all or nothing portamento. And too much porta can be a dangerous thing! Just ask the 80’s!

yes, this is exactly replicating the way it should be actually played by an human, but giving an alternate method for the 1-column guys could be good as well.

nothing vital of course.