A Question For Phoscyon's Users

Hi all !

I’ve just bought Phoscyon and i’m trying to make some basic stuff in External mode but i can’t succeed to slide a note.

The manual says :

“In the Seq Ex mode the synthesizer does not use the bank of internal patterns. Notes coming from host
program do not correspond to pattern numbers. instead they generate sound.
Notes in the range of C2-B5 define the pitch of the generated sound. Notes A1, A#1 and B1 (octave
numbers may depend on host application) control attributes of step pertaining to:
· A1 - Gate
· A#1 - Accent
· B1 - Slide”

So i’ve tried to add a B1 note in a subtrack (on the same line of the note i want to slide) but nothing happens.

Maybe some of you can help me ?

Not quite what you’re asking, but have you tried this?

Alternating lines for portamento with vsts

There are a few more threads about it, but they basically say the same. Add a new column and alternate the notes.

Kudos on reading the manual, by the way. :D

Ok, i’ve just spent not enough time to think about it.

For those who could have the same problem, i’ve asked the D16 Group’s Technical Support and one of these cool guys answers me :

Hope it’ll help


I’m using this plugin now, and when I mute the track that its assigned to, it doesnt go silent! whats wrong?

nevermind, I figured it out.

I don’t get this. How am I supposed to use notes A-1, A#1 and B-1 for gate, accent and slide when they generate sound just like any other note if placed on the host’s pattern editor? Further more, what is PLAY LIVE mode? I got the sliding to work from host notes when I placed them to separate tracks and controlled them with note offs, but how can I trigger the accent in this scenario?