A suggestion about vst effect aliases

Certain vst effects can accept midi notes and so we create a vst fx alias to trigger these ( for example cytomic the drop for triggering envelopes ) .
Now , when the instrument is just a renoise instrument and the effect is loaded into the mixer track , we can create a vst fx alias in the same instrument slot as the instrumentt (see screenshot )
So by playing this instrument , we trigger the instrument and the midi data to the effect both at the same time , verry handy indeed
BUt when the renoise instruments is replaced with a vst instrument , we can’t put both in the same container since the vst effect alias replaces the instrument .
It would be great if we could do that on regular vst instrument

I don’t understand a single thing. XD

What’s so hard to understand ?
Let’s say you create a basic hand drawn waveform , this is our instrument nr 1 .
Now we insert a vst effect filter in our track , as you know some vst EFFECT plugin can accept midi data ( to trigger their internal envelopes etc…)
So , we create a vst 'fx alias for this effect , the same way as you would create vst aliases for multitimbral vst’s . ,We could go to instrument 2 and from the vst dropdown choose our fx alias .
Now we trigger our effect ( midi data to affect plugin ) with instrument 2 , and our sound source ( hand drawn saw = instrument 1
We could all do this in ONE instrument , so instrument 1 = hand drawn saw and vst fx alias at the same time .
But not when we replace the hand drawn instrument with a vst instrument itself , this is incompatible .

I think currently Renoise does not pass any note data thru the fx chains. You can use meta devices, but these will look directly into the pattern data, so you can’t manipulate the note data / midi data flow.

I think you guys don’t understand what I mean .
It all works , except when an vst instrument + vst fx alias
I am well renoise does not do this , it either takes sample + vsti , or sample +vst fx alias
It was a suggestion to get 'vst instrument +Vst effect alias in the same container

The issue is that the Transpose and Channel properties are distinct to each instrument slot and give you control over how an alias should be different to the original/other-aliases in those regards.

I’ll make a simpler suggestion:

allow us to pass the midi data through to the vst fx which are on the track, and this will be solved. It’s needed when u have effects which get triggered every time a note is played, like a filter with envelope for example, and currently the only way i found is to create and alias of that vst fx, duplicate all the note data and modify it so it sends it to this new vst fx alias, way too much work for something this basic, every other saw i’ve tried does this automatically…