Sending midi to the VSTi and VST fx at the same time?

Hello and happy new year!

So, i have a track which controls a vst instrument. At the same time there’s a vst fx on that track which needs to receive the same midi data(midi triggers specifically). So far i’ve figured only way: to create an Alias of that vst fx and send a duplicate of the midi data to it. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 11.14.08

NO this can’t be done , you can’t have a vst instrument + a vst effect alias in the same instrument container .
But you can have a renoise instrument + vst effect alias in the same container
I have been in the exact same scenario
Using a vst instrument + a filter vst fx alias ( Cytomic the drop ) which need the same input data to trigger the filter’s envelope
.The only workaroud is to duplicate ttracks and use the fx alias as a new instrument

I asked for this feature but can’t find the topic anymore

Found the topic , needless to say … a lot of people didn’t even understand what I was asking for :slight_smile:

Yeah, i love how the tracks and instruments are independent, feels flexible, but at the same time it’s limiting in this kind of situation…all is needed is some sort of midi tool which would duplicate the midi data and send it to a different instrument, i wish i could code, it shouldn’t be that hard probably…