A/v Linux + Renoise

So here’s my problem. Experimenting on the linux platform and using a/v linux. The renoise demo included on the distro recognizes the established vst_path, but when I uninstall the demo and install my own copy, the vsts are not found.

Here’s a link to the a/v linux forum thread that I started:


Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



just to make some things clear:

if you’ve done all of this, i’m sorry. you did not mention trying any of that out, so that’s why i’m asking. hope your answer is somewhere in there.

yep, tried all those, vst path is set correctly but to no avail. I think my indamixx/ubuntu/av linux journey is coming to an end…

Okay, one thing I didn’t try was copying all my vsts to /home./vst. It worked!

Of course, all this hassle made me question: why use linux for audio?

Oh well,



hey, glad it worked out in the end! as to ‘why use linux for audio?’ check out this thread: https://forum.renoise.com/t/so-whos-running-renoise-on-linux-how-is-it/33402

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