A Way To Tell The Value Of An Automation Point?

Hi there!

Im automating a vst a lot in a song Im working on and I have to switch values fast so Im using points.
The problem is, I click a point on the first line and give it value 78, then I click on line 14 and give it value 43 and so on, and so on.

Then I get at line 213 and I remember the effect I need is the exact same as on line 1 but I dont know what the value was I gave that point.
If I click on the point on line 1 the value changes because my mouse pointer isnt EXACTLY centered (or something like that) and I fuck up that point.

Is there a way to tell the value of an automation point?


Yes, hold CTRL (or something, on OS X it’s the APPLE/CMD key) while hovering over the point. That will give you the value.

Also, i’d like to use this moment to link to my suggestion: Selecting An Automation Point Always Moves It, I Don’t Want This, the points are very annoying. The behavior should be improved.

Thanks! :D

Perhaps it could be a button for showing/hiding the value of all points. Then Ctrl could be used for other things.

However it might get to crowded showing the values of all points…