Ableton Hackathon

24 hour coding marathon. Ableton is hiring! Tatkik, can I get a reference letter? ;)

What I want to know, is this employees only or did Joe Public walk off the street to hack stuff? I see Python consoles… This is standard for Ableton Live users?

Me, I’m familiar with CodeFest in Montreal. It’s basically a bunch of developers showing up and working on open source projects in a bar, following a common theme. Not really music oriented, though. Maybe we could do something with Lua in the future?

It says in the youtube notice something about ‘inspiring results’, so…what are they?

It was probably just employees. This is becoming a common practice in development shops as an idea generator/morale booster. We did one where I work a couple of months ago.

Basically, the company lets you stop work on what you’re doing for x amount of time and make a prototype of an idea and it doesn’t matter if you follow your org’s coding practices or if it’s buggy or not. So people who have been thinking about a particular pet idea get a chance to show it to everybody. Facebook also famously holds hackathons.

The ideas could theoretically drive future features so you wouldn’t expect them to disclose what was made. I hope breaking moving the filter out of Sampler into the auto-filter was one of them. :)

Ableton Live is so fucking overrated. And overrated things are gay.

dont think ableton is overrated.

and if it was with a common purpose(dont think thats spelled right)for renoise,then sure let the script-nerds(no pun)get together,and make renoise even better than it already is

Does that mean being gay is overrated? Hope you’re speaking from experience there mate, and not just conjecture.

I’m overrated…but not gay.

I don’t like to work with Ableton, yet.
but while experimenting I stumble upon really good stuff.
some solved even better than in Renoise. (see my feature_beggings)

I just think we must not behave like the children with their Console wars.
those flames sometimes are really pathetic.
just be glad there is something to choose from.

Fullofkittens, from another topic:

So, if this is true it would mean that people who are arguing which one is the best are in fact arguing if the screwdriver beats the hammer. Not very constructive IMHO.

On-topic: I would love to see such a workshop happening. Actually, I’d be prepared to travel almost anywhere to participate.

No, being gay is a disease that defies the laws of biology. But i take what little experience I have of ableton live to say that it’s an overrated program.

In theory, me too.

I hate to read see the word “overrated” in this forum". Aphex Twin is overrated, Zappa is overrated, Wagner is overrated, WTF???
Ableton Live is an awesome piece of software.

Aphex Twin is overrated. I’m more of a squarepusher kind of guy.

staying ontopic is obviously also overrated

would be nice to meet some renoise/lua developers I think.