Ableton link support

That would be great for a future release…

A dream: Imagine all of us, renoise lovers, making a network oneness all synced together on a forever song event where you log into and jam a bit.


Cycling74 just add Link support on Max. I would love to have my dear Renoise linked to.

Surprise! NI just integrated Link to Reaktor, now 6.1…

Questions for hardcore scripters here.

Do you know/think that the implementation of Link is possible by creating a tool that would manage it or it’s really a thing that need “native” [did you notice the joke] support from Renoise engine?

Looks to me like this needs integration at the audio engine level, so nothing Renoise Tools can access since they run in the GUI thread. Link to the SDK is here:

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Just bring this up again. Would be nice, when Renoise would support this, too.