Ableton Link ZL/Pattern Length Glitch?

Hi! New here to the Renoise community… just bought the software a couple nights ago after falling in love with the vibe and workflow (coming from Ableton/Reaper/Max/ChucK/etc.) And I couldn’t help it… it brought good memories of trying to figure out Fasttracker II back in my happy teenage days being amazed by the sounds coming out of trackers!

Anyway, that’s the intro! Now my question :slight_smile: … I’m helping run a “Video Game Music Ensemble” Mario Kart Tournament (tons of fun) and have built an Ableton set to control the overall flow. We’re using Link to sync my Ableton stuff with our drummer, bassist and a couple of guys running some other synth stuff. I thought it would be cool to work up some of the tracks in Renoise and link up to the Ableton master click. And it works great! But it seems like only certain conditions. If I toss in ZL (to handle a couple of occasional triplet licks) or change the pattern length to something other than divisible by 4, it wigs out. It seems like the ZL glitch only happens if I’m working in 4 or 8 LPB, but at some point (any point) in the song, if I throw in something like 6 or 12 (not 4 based), Renoise magically catches up with the clock, but some patterns will suddenly be half or double time while it figures out what’s going in.

Is this a known glitch? Is there a workaround? I could get rid of the triplets and line things up in the song, but it would be sweet to have the beat be the beat, no matter the pattern length or beat subdivision.

Super awesome software! And such an awesome vibe! I’m working on getting some of my students into it!

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Glad you’re enjoying renoise! It is indeed an excellent bit of kit. I’d recommend the excellent and useful New tool (3.1): Place selected notes evenly for triplets and tuplets of all stripes. You can generally leave that LPB static, unless you want to get real crazy… Which sometimes you do :upside_down_face:

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Ah, mercy! That sounds awesome. I’ll give it a try later today and check back in… I really need to check out all the tools - I’m still at the “I’m sure there’s a shortcut key for xyz” stage :wink:

Many thanks!

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Just gave it a try, and it works great! One question though… If I have a 4 LPB song and I want to include 6tuplets, I assume I’d have to expand the entire song to 8 LPB to fit in all the delays to make the 6tuplet work (since although negative delays would be incredible, I’m not sure our universe is set up for that yet … But as for my question, this takes care of getting rid of ZL for 3/5/6/7lets!

I’ll hunt the forums to see if there’s an easy way to convert a song from 4 to 8/12/etc. LPB. (Unless you have a quick and easy solution… Maybe some magic expansion in Advanced Edit or another genius plugin? Someday, I’ll dig into the Lua scripting (love that language! Good choice :slight_smile:

Thanks, man!

Increase LPB tool! Super cool stuff…

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