Ableton Live Link integration

Rewire works great for routing Audio, but if Link would be integrated into Renoise, it would be perfect for slaving Ableton’s Timeline (and other Apps) to Renoise.<3

Edit: Or rather Bitwig, since it only supports Link and no rewire.

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I would definitely use something like this, though at present I have a work around: I use Plogue Bidule vst to run Renoise as a rewire slave inside Bitwig (PC feature only for the moment alas)…this lets me lock Renoise to Ableton link, so I can sync Renoise to friends’ computers when we jam.
Of course, I have to use Bitwig to control the tempo/timeline. Other than that, it works pretty well for me

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FL Studio VSTi can use its ReWired device to bring Renoise sounds smoothly into Bitwig also. :smiley:

Rewire is great. It is such a bummer that Propellerheads (ahem, Reason Studios) is dropping their own classic technology while there is no competing alternative standard around to fill the gap. Guess we’ll have to make a new one.


@taktik please add Link :bowing_man:t2:

I’ve tested a lot of different combinations to sync hardware and software. Renoise is genius when it comes to interacting with Hardware. You can even slave it to a Hardware Drummachine and after hitting play it will correctly delay the incoming midi clock negatively to sync up after a few ms. The only problem is to now slave Ableton or another App/DAW to it. When Ableton in Rewire Mode, it disables VSTs and syncing via a virtual Midi Port is not working because Renoise assumes that a Midi Port is going out of the machine and so will apply latency delay to the clock/notes (as it should!)

That’s where Link comes in. Link is not all that great when it comes to syncing two different hardware devices since it doesn’t take hardware latency into account, but it can sync up playback of two apps and compensates for plugin latency one a single machine perfectly.

So if Renoise had Link and Ableton could slave to it, I would be in heaven. I could slave Renoise to my Hardware sequencer and have Ableton slave to Renoise in perfect sync to play live sets without the need for any hardware midi clock and without the need to do any ms calculations.

pplease :slight_smile: