How can I send Renoise 2.5 MIDI to work with Ableton as master.
I’m using LoopBe since Midi Yoke never worked with my windows 7 PC.

I’m sending the Midi Master to Clock LoopBe in Renoise and Renoise as ReWire (but that’s for audio right?)
Then just in Live my impulse rack with my samples and I just want them to be triggered by Renoise and all of the other functions like delays.
And all of renoise fx and automations to work (but that’s in audio).

Live is in Loope Be In Sync, Track and Remote.


Why would you want to use LoopBE if you also hook up the other host through ReWire?
ReWire also does timing synchronisation, no need to use a virtual midi cable specially for that.
Ofcourse, when using it to send midi data from instruments back to Live, no argument there.
But avoid sending synchronisation signals through MIDI to the other host if it is also hooked up through ReWire.

About MidiYoke Try to install midi yoke in compatibility mode, just right click the installer and troubleshoot it… it should work.

I believe the only reason to use midi yoke or loopbe to link these two softwares is that you want to trigger midi messages between the two? Like notes in renoise could trigger clips in ableton or the other way around, right?

I’d try to reinstall midiyoke because it’s better than the free versions of loopbe.

Also, for more advanced midi mapping and midi communication between the softwares (like a midi note in ableton controlling a fader in Renoise or something, you might want to check out Max Msp, it would be quite easy with midi yoke and max msp to convert this kind of signal. If you are interested, I could provide more info on the subject.

Rewire syncs perfectly, you don’t need midiyoke or anything else.
Start Ableton first, then Renoise and run it as slave.
Take the audio outputs form renoise into Ableton and off you go, all audio and midi is now synched

yes exactly i want this two software to trigger midi messages, since i use live with superior drummer for drum beats and when i bought renoise and saw the backwards function i was like “hey this would help me a loT” so i thought i could send those messages from renoise to live.
i’m intersted, i’ll be pleased if you could provide info about max, i’ve been bulding in reaktor (for a little months) and only got audio fx, simple , but good, and i’ll like to get especially a midi fx for beat slicing among other stuff.
but that MAX MSP idea is exactly what i’m looking for.

about rewire, i knnow rewire syncs midi, but, doesn’t support to send the signal right?
that’s why i got loopbe, not very good with computers actually i just open the software and make music, but, can’t make midi yoke to work.

thank you very much.

Wait, what do you mean by backward function?

And what is superior drummer?

If you’re trying to send the 0B command from Renoise to Ableton, man I don’t think you can do that.

Also, this command doesn’t work on VST (if superior drummer is a vst)

My suggestion is that you use Renoise for percussions because it’s obviously much better than ableton live if you are into more complex percussions and rhythms.

Now, here’s a quick explanation on how I use max msp with DAWS.

First, you might want to take a look at this: Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer

The way it goes is that Max Msp has inputs and outputs for whatever, including midi signals and of course, everything can be customized.

Here’s an example of what I do.

  1. I set one of my track in Renoise to send its notes as midi messages to MidiYoke: 1

  2. Max msp receives these notes I end up with numbers inside of Max MSP

  3. This is where the fun starts, when you have numbers inside of Max, there’s so limit, you can apply any kind of mathematical operations on them and sort the numbers how you want. This is useful when you want to do weird stuff with Renoise, because remember that those numbers are generated by Renoise.

Here’s an example: When Renoise will send C-4, it gives me a number (don’t remember which one, let’s say 54) I then set up this 54 to trigger a CC value to go from 1 to 127 over 3 seconds, this message can then be sent back to Renoise or any software that accept this message. As long as the MidiYoke Out that I use in Max is set as an input in… let’s say Ableton, I’ll be able to map this transition from 1 to 127 to anything that is mappable in Ableton Live. Supposed you had a few of these premade messages (that are a bit like envelopes made in Max, in a way) I know that each time my Renoise track plays C-4, it triggers this automation (note that it could be a single message, it can be anything) When it plays C#4, it triggers something else, and so on.

So, once I have a bunch of these, if my renoise track plays some complex percussion using these mapped notes, it can control something else that will be in perfect sync with Renoise… that could be triggering video clips, triggering effects inside of renoise (but you don’t need max to do this) or other softwares or whatever.

For my step sequencer using the launchpad, that’s exactly what I did, except I also added the physical controller… it goes as follow:

  1. Press a button on the launch pad: the LP sends a message to max
  2. Max gets the message, it sends back a message to the LP so the button lights up (or whatever)
    2b) While Max has this LP message, it can record it so it can be recalled later or used right away (or both) to control anything.
  3. You end up with a number that triggers AND controls both math operations inside of Max, and send different messages to different softwares.
  4. ???
  5. Profit

If you have ideas based on this kind of workflow, I can code them for you in Max Msp, I really don’t mind since this is a project of my own, basically, I’m just asking for requests of how I could improve my project… So yeah, if I like the idea, I work for you.

hey thanks agian, yes superior drummer is a vst by toontrack, is filled with real drum samples, makes the beat sounds very cool, i’m into more complex things that’s why i bought this renoise and i’m using it, but, this was just like and experiment.

thanks , i’ll take a look at max, and start jamming.
thanks al ot (:

i would just add i’m running windows 7 and i also did get midi yoke to work. there is a thread on the midi ox site somewhere which covers installing it under windows 7. you need to follow the vista instructions pretty much and run with compatibility mode as JBL suggests… install with the NT installer if i remember correctly. max/msp is very good for doing things you can’t otherwise do, i recommend it. and if you have max for live you can design stuff to go in ableton now. shame there’s no max for renoise (or pluggo as it was once called <_< )

thanks! i’m on it then! (:

thanks for the kindness
i’m learning pd and reaktor,
basicly, i’m learning it, just to make and audio looper (wich i already made in reaktor)
but to control the recorded sample in full way, by resynth it, or reverse, re trigger,s and beat slicing to change randomly or while playing my pad kontrol some notes and keep the beat going and just jamming with the recorded sample to start where i wanted it to start.

and for example
i wanted to make a beat in renoise (yes i’m into more complex beats) but to make the interface more friendly wanted to make a beat slicer so i can contro lwhere it starts and jam along it, and then record the MIDI or the audio, and teh nstart all over again. and also a retrigger to mappe d with the knobs. and maybe if a decide to use live, well, to control the midi exactly the same way, don’t know if its possible, but i’m still working with this.

i don’t know if i’m explaning with this.